What should I do when the filter alert blinks on the control panel?

Last Update date : Aug 31. 2021

If the filter sign appears on your appliance’s display, it means that the lint filter must be cleaned. 

Clean the lint filter after each load. If you use the dryer with a wet lint filter, it may cause mold to grow, bad odors, or a decrease in drying performance. Therefore, it is important to clean and dry the lint filter after each load.

filter alert on the displays


  • The actual design of the control panel may differ from your model.
  • This image is just a sample in English, but it is also available in the language of your country.

How to clean a lint filter

Step 1. Open the dryer door and pull the filter upwards to remove it. Maintain the rubber sealing in place after removing the filter.

Step 2. Open the outer filter and remove the inner filter.

cleaning lint filter

Step 3. Open each of the inner and outer filters and let them spread.

Step 4. Detach the lint from both filters and then clean them with a brush.

detach the lint filters

Note: To clean the filter perfectly, clean them in running water, and then dry them completely. 

Step 5. Put the internal filter in the external filter and then return the lint filter to the in right position.

put the internal filter

Note: While cleaning or removing the lint filter, do not shake or tap on the filter as that can damage it.

  • Ensure that the lint filter is installed correctly before putting items in the dryer. The dryer must not operate without the lint filter.
  • Add or remove items into or from the dryer with the lint filter installed. If the filter is not in place, small items can fall into the filter slot and cause the dryer to malfunction.
  • Clean the lint filter after each load. Otherwise, the drying performance may decrease.
  • Ensure the filter is cleaned and the water bottle is empty before the drying cycle.
  • If the filter surface is wet, allow it to completely dry before use.
  • Inserting the filter while it is wet can cause mold or odors to form and result in less drying.
  • When cleaning or removing the lint filter, do not shake or tap on the filter as doing so can damage the filter.
check filter information code on the display

Information code “Check filter”

When the information code “Check filter” appears on the control panel, it means the lint filter has a problem. 


  • Check the lint filter assembly.
  • If this continues, call for service.

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