Camera features on the Galaxy S10

Last Update date : Feb 02. 2022

There are a range of upgraded camera features on the S10 phones, enabling you to capture professional quality pictures at any moment.

More categories in Scene Optimizer

The Scene Optimizer software recognizes subjects in the picture and automatically enhances the quality of those images. Ten new scene categories have been added to the S10 cameras, taking the total scenes to 30.

Some of the new scenes include the face, baby, cat, and dog.

Find out more about Scene Optimizer


GIF, Scene Optimizer icon in Galaxy S10 camera
Blur effects when using Live Focus

Live Focus now offers a selection of blur effects, allowing you to create an exciting range of artistic photos.

Live focus blur effects in Galaxy S10 camera
Optimized compositions with Shot suggestions

The S10’s intelligent camera includes new software to optimize your compositions.

You will need to manually enable the “Shot suggestions” feature first. Then, when you line up your next photo, on-screen mark-ups will appear, and the camera will automatically take the picture when it’s found the best shot.

Watch our video showing how to use Shot suggestions


Improved photo compositions with Shot suggestions in Galaxy S10 camera
Take Ultra-Wide angle photos

On the Galaxy S10 and S10+, having three rear cameras gives you three views to choose from. The Ultra-wide lens gives you a 123⁰ field of view as if seeing through the human eye. It also enables even wider panorama shots.

You can seamlessly switch between cameras by tapping the leaf, tree, and forest icons on the screen to get the right shot.

GIF, Ultra-wide lens in Galaxy S10 camera
Upgraded Super Slow-mo

On the S10, you can record Super Slow-mo videos for two times longer than on previous models. Now record up to 0.8 seconds and playback for up to 27 seconds.


  • The availability of this feature may differ by device and model.
  • Device screenshots and menus may vary depending on the device model and software version.

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