How to create My Emoji?

Last Update date : Nov 11. 2020
AR Emoji

You can express yourself in fun and creative ways with a My Emoji that look just like you. You can take photos and record videos using AR Emoji or Live stickers which mimic your expressions.

Creating My Emoji
1 On the shooting modes list, tap AR Emoji > Create My emoji
Select AR Emoji
2 Align your face on the screen and tap to take a photo.
Take a photo
3 Select My Emoji’s gender and tap NEXT.
Select My Emoji’s gender and tap NEXT
4 Decorate My Emoji. To edit details, such as eye color or face shape, tap
5 Tap SAVE. When a pop-up window appears, tick Save My Emoji stickers in Gallery and tap OK.
Tap Save
Save My Emoji to Gallery

Note:  We can use the AR EMOJI feature in both the front and rear cameras. If you are using the rear camera, it will automatically switch to the front camera. To switch between cameras, swipe upwards or downwards, or tap 

Taking fun photos with AR Emoji

Create a fun photo or video using an AR Emoji that mimics your expressions. 

1 On the shooting modes list, tap AR EMOJI.
2 Select an AR Emoji you want
Select an AR Emoji you want
3 Tap to take a photo or tap to record a video. You can check out photos and videos that you have record in Gallery and share them.
Emoji stickers in messages

You can use My Emoji stickers during a conversation via messages or on a social network. 

1 On the Samsung keyboard, tap
2 Tap the My Emoji icon.
Select My emoji icon
3 Select one from the My Emoji stickers with various expressions. The My Emoji sticker will be inserted.
Select an emoji

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