How to disconnect Gear IconX from a mobile device?

Last Update date : Nov 11. 2020
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Insert the earbuds into the charging case. The Bluetooth connection will end.

To manually disconnect the earbuds from your mobile device, put the earbuds in your ears.

1 Launch Samsung Gear from your phone while wearing the earbuds.
2 Tap
3 Tap Disconnect.

Note: The earbuds do not have a power-on/off function. If the earbuds are not used for apredefined length of time after removed from your ears, the earbuds will enter sleepmode and the mobile device will be disconnected

Reconnecting the earbuds to a mobile device

Once the earbuds are paired with your mobile device, they will automatically attempt to connect to the mobile device whenever you put them in your ears.


To manually reconnect the earbuds to your mobile device, open the Apps screen of the mobile device and tap Samsung Gear → CONNECT .


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