How to use Call features on Gear IconX

Last Update date : Feb 11. 2022

When you’re out on a run or hitting the treadmill in the gym, don’t scramble to pick up your phone when an important call comes in. When the earbuds are connected to a mobile device, you can answer and control calls from the connected mobile device.

Answering or declining a call

  • When a call comes in while you are wearing the earbuds, they will emit a sound.
  • To answer the call, double-tap the touchpad.
  • To decline the call, tap and hold the touchpad.

Adjusting the volume

  • Drag your finger upwards or downwards on the touchpad to adjust the volume during a call.

Answering a second call

  • When a second call comes in during a call, the earbuds will emit a sound.
  • To end the current call and answer the second call, tap and hold the touchpad.
  • To place the current call on hold and answer the second call, double-tap the touchpad.
  • To switch between the current call and the held call, double-tap the touchpad.

Turning off the microphone

  • Tap and hold the touchpad to turn off the microphone so that the other party cannot hear you.

Ending a call

  • Double-tap the touchpad to end the current call.


  • The availability of this feature may differ by device and model.
  • Device screenshots and menus may vary depending on the device model and software version.

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