Magnetic materials unintentionally drawn to screen of Galaxy foldable devices

Last Update date : Sep 14. 2023

While the hinge enables a seamless unfolding and folding experience, the magnets in Galaxy Flip and Galaxy Fold holds the two sides together securely. When folding the device, you must be careful not to place any objects, such as cards, coins, or keys, on the screen because the screen may be damaged.

Magnets of devices may affect medical devices, such as pacemakers or implantable cardioverter-defibrillators. If you are using any of these medical devices, keep your device a safe distance from them and consult with your physician before you use the device. 

Magnetic objects, such as credit cards, passbooks, access cards, boarding passes, or parking passes, may be damaged or disabled by the magnets in the device, do not place your device near magnetic fields. 

If you encounter an issue, please visit the Samsung Authorized Service Center and check whether you are eligible for a warranty. Additional costs for service may be incurred if the device has been damaged due to the customer’s negligence.

How to use the Samsung Members app

How to use the Samsung Members app

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