Network Data Setup & Advice

Last Update date : Apr 13. 2021

Network data setup - SIM Selection / APN Setting

Samsung devices can configure the APN(Access Point Name) settings automatically depending on the SIM card. However, you may see the below pop-up during Setup wizard in the first boot up when the device doesn’t have the settings.(Usually open market device)

If the incorrect network is selected, you will not be able to use internet through the data network and so on. So it is recommended to ask your SIM card provider or shop promoter before selection.


If by mistake you chose the incorrect operator / SIM Service, you can correct as follows:


Select Settings > (Connections) > More networks > Mobile networks > Access point Names > Menu key > Reset to default

APN Setting

Network data setup – Mobile data

If the APN is setup correctly, you can use the internet through Mobile data. This may incur additional charges. Please contact your network provider. 

APN Setting

Network data setup - Wi-Fi

If you are concerned about mobile data due to the charge, you can use Wi-Fi.

APN Setting
1 From the list of available Wi-Fi networks, select the one you wish to connect.
2 Follow the instructions to connect to the Wi-Fi (Some Wi-Fi networks require passwords, some may not)
3 Wait for the authentication process to be completed. (On completion, the status will change from “Authenticating…” to “Connected”.)
4 Also note the Wi-Fi icon in the notice bar. You are now connected to a Wi-Fi network.
5 After Wi-Fi setup, run the internet application to check setup normally. Because some Wi-Fi provider request to authenticate additionally with ID and PW.

Network Advice - Signal Strength

APN Setting

This menu-option allows you to check the network signal strength history.

Settings > More > Battery > Tab the graph > Mobile network signal 

ㆍ Red: No signal    ㆍYellow: 2G      ㆍGreen: 3G, 4G 


Red bar indicates very weak network signal, therefore the user may experience no internet performance. 

Yellow bar indicates voice activity will be ok but data connection may be slow.

Network Advice - How to check Signal Strength

Signal strength allows you to check how strong or weak the signal is. In the below image the signal strength is shown as a measurement in dBm. However the numbers will be shown as negative values. So -61dBm will be a stronger signal than for example -93dBm 


Settings > (More) > About device > Status > Signal strength


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