What makes each S Pen unique?

Last Update date : Sep 22. 2020

It’s what make the Notes series so iconic: the S Pen. And while every S Pen is awesome, we’ve dedicated ourselves to making them better with each release. Therefore, the Note10/10+’s S Pen is the best one so far! And it has some different features and specs than previous S Pens.

S pen coming out from Note10 device and S Pen itself

Sturdier than ever

The Note8 and Note9 S Pens were made from two separate parts, the Note10/Note10+ one has a unibody made of one piece, making it more durable and stronger.

A better battery

Starting with the Note9, the S Pen uses Bluetooth LE (low energy) that lets you use remote controllability and other cool features. Because of the Bluetooth, you need to charge the S Pen every once in a while.


The Note10/Note10+ S Pen takes a little longer to charge than the Note9’s, but it also lasts longer. The battery can keep going for up to 30 minutes of continuous use, and it takes less than 10 minutes to fully charge, which is no time at all.


As for the Note8, you don’t need to charge its S Pen since it doesn’t have a Bluetooth LE connection.

Fun Bluetooth features

The remote controllability feature blew everyone out of the water when the Note9 was released. It lets you take pictures with the S Pen, control PowerPoint presentations, browse Gallery, and more. 

The Note10/Note10+ S Pen took this feature even further and added Air actions! You can press the Galaxy Note10/10+’s S Pen button to freely control your phone with 6 gestures(left/right, up/down, swing left/right) . Users can remap the gestures by apps and users can customize gestures for each actions. 

Change the app, features, or actions you want to use with the S Pen feature.

To change the app to launch,

1. Open the notification panel, swipe downwards, long tap the ‘S Pen air actions’ text

Or, Open the Settings app, tap Advanced features → S Pen → Air actions

2. Tap Hold down Pen button to, and then select an app or feature. To change actions for each app, open the Air actions setting screen and select an app under App actions. You can change actions by tapping items under Pen button or Gestures

Changing apps or features to use with S Pen
1 Set an app or a feature to launch
2 Choose the application to set actions for each app
3 Set actions for camera and media apps


Note: Like other Bluetooth devices, the S Pen’s max range is 10m. The Note8’s S Pen cannot use remote controllability or Air actions.


Edit your heart away

Who doesn’t love using the Air command menu to write or draw? It’s a staple feature on the Note series. And don’t forget the PENUP app with its digital coloring book. You can enjoy these features on the Note8, Note9, and Note10/Note10+.


However, the Note10/Note10+ has more editing and creative options than ever before. You can edit more precisely with the new Video editor, draw on videos with Screen recorder, and get artistic in the new Adobe Rush app. On top of this, Samsung Notes has new features too. Quickly convert handwriting to text and even convert your notes to Microsoft Word documents!

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