No sound when connecting the TV to the soundbar

Last Update date : Nov 16. 2022

When there is no sound from the soundbar, make sure the connected devices are turned on, the soundbar is set to the correct source, and the cable is connected properly. Follow the below steps to fix the issue

Troubleshoot no sound or interruptions Troubleshoot no sound or interruptions

The connection between the TV and the sound bar may be affected by external devices such as wireless routers. 

Wireless Connection

  1.  If a wireless router is placed too close to the Bluetooth speakers, its sound quality might be affected. 
  2. Place the Bluetooth speaker as close as possible to the TV and ensure that your wireless router is not too close to the Bluetooth speaker. 
  3. When the wireless router uses a frequency range of 5GHz, you can minimize the interruptions.

Connection by HDMI(ARC/eARC)

  1. Check if the TV and the sound bar are connected to the HDMI(ARC/eARC)-only terminal and not the other HDMI terminal. Please note that the eARC function is available only when the soundbar or A/V receiver supports the eARC function. 
  2. We recommend using a certified cable. Connection error might occur when an uncertified HDMI cable is used. 
  3. Press the Home button on the TV remote control and select Menu → Settings → All Settings → Sound → Expert Settings.
  4. Check if the HDMI-eARC mode is set to Auto.
  5. Make sure that Digital Output Audio Format is set to Pass-Through.

Note: Device screenshots and menus may vary depending on the device model and software version.

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