Share every moment this Ramadan

Make the most of the holy month.

It’s that time of the year again. Time for family gatherings, delicious Iftars, and inspiring each other to be better versions of ourselves. And because every moment during this special month counts, here are a few suggestions to rediscover the Ramadan spirit together.


Gather around for the thrill

Ramadan TV shows just have a special flavour. These star-studded lifestyle, drama, and cultural shows keep us on the edge of our seats, drown us in tears and make us burst out in laughter. With the Neo QLED TV’s 8K picture quality and Object Tracking Sound (OTS), enjoy a truly cinematic experience from the comfort of your living room, surrounded by your favourite people.

Celebrating togetherness doesn’t stop at that. You can also mirror video calls with your loved ones on your Neo QLED TV’s massive screen to connect and celebrate together, even if it is virtual.


Frame every special moment

From behind-the-scene moments in the kitchen to the epic photograph of the whole family at the Iftar table, every day of Ramadan is full of unforgettable moments that can turn into frame-worthy photos. And because hanging and updating frames every day is a hassle, using The Frame TV to display your cherished memories is the more innovative solution. When the Frame TV is off, it will display your best Ramadan moments on the screen, or you could display artworks that embrace the festive spirit and share the joy of the holy month.

Store more food with SpaceMax™
SpaceMax™ technology enables the walls to be much thinner whilst still
ensuring optimal insulation, creating more storage space without increasing
the external dimensions or compromising energy efficiency.

Share something tasty

Ramadan is a time for sharing. The flavours of Ramadan are baked into every home-cooked meal lovingly prepared for loved ones.

As you strategize for the Iftars ahead, and stock up your Samsung fridge with goodies ready to crisp in hot oil or pop in the oven, SpaceMax™ technology helps you store flexibly and store more, and that means more to share with everyone.

As you generously share, you can also cut down on wastage sustainably thanks to the Deodorizing Filter that preserves the original freshness, flavor, and aroma of food for longer. So, pack away your delicious food with confidence, and share the goodness with even more people – delightfully honoring the true essence of Ramadan.


Care before you share

Charity and looking out for those who are in need is a heartfelt way of celebrating the spirit of giving and gratitude during the holy month. Practice generosity during Ramadan by sharing clothes that are no longer needed with those who are less fortunate. But before doing your good deed, it’s essential to make sure that your donated clothes are thoroughly clean. With the Hygiene Steam Cycle on Samsung AI Ecobubble™ washers, your clothes undergo a deep hygienic wash with steam, removing 99.9% of bacteria, deactivating allergens, and keeping clothes fresh and clean. Embrace the spirit of giving this Ramadan.

Share the goodness

Celebrate togetherness this Ramadan with Samsung.

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