How can I find my ID or password if I forget it?

Last Update date : Sep 05. 2022

Samsung takes you through a series of processes to help you remember your Samsung ID and password in case you ever forget them. This way, you can recover your data without losing the contents of your Samsung account. 

View of the Samsung account user profile screen.

What can I do if I forgot my ID?

It is possible that you may lose or forget your Samsung account login information. In case you do not remember your Samsung ID, follow these steps to recover it:

1 Step 1.Launch Samsung account ant tap “Find ID”.
2 Step 2. Enter your Recovery phone number or email and tap “Continue”.
3 Step 3. Enter the requested data and tap “Continue”.

What can I do if I forgot my password?

In case you do not remember your Samsung password, follow these steps to reset it:

1 Step 1. Launch Samsung account and tap “Forgot password?”.
2 Step 2. Enter your ID (Email) and tap “Reset password”.
3 Step 3. If you did not verify your phone number when you registered for the Samsung account, you must enter your email address and click the “Continue”.

An email will be sent to the address provided where you can easily reset your password.

Note: If the email address you entered when you registered for your account has been deleted, or if you do not receive the password reset email, please contact Support.

Recover your password with security question

You can also recover your password with this method:

  •  If you have set up a security question for your account:
1 Step 1. At the Verify it´s you screen, tap “Verify with security question”.
2 Step 2. Enter your Answer and tap “Verify”. If you answer is correct, you will be able to reset your password immediately.

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