How to use Multi View

Last Update date : Apr 06. 2022

With the 2021 Multi View feature, you can enjoy your favorite contents - all at once - on your TV, including live channels, apps, gaming consoles and mirrored contents from your mobile devices.

That is - you can watch workout videos while watching your favorite show or game, without missing out a thing.

For 2020 Multi View feature, please refer to: How to use Tap View and Multi View.

How to start Multi View on a Samsung Smart TV

Multi view enriches your watching experience by providing multi-content for each lifestyle or interest. Please follow the instructions below to start Multi View.

Step 1. Press the Multi View button on your remote for quick access to the Multi View menu.

smart remote

Step 2. Start right away by selecting one of the recommended Preset cards.

        • Sports: Enjoy watching your favorite sports games together or multi-talk by connecting your mobile.
        • Home Workout: Try exercising while watching content. To watch yourself during the workout, choose a layout with your mobile or camera.

Or, combine different content from various apps/sources the way you want through Add view and/or Add contents.


multiview start


  • Supported apps differ by region and can be updated without notice.
  • Number of screen configurations may differ by model.

How to customize the Multi View settings with the Contextual Menu

You can change the focus of each screen using your remote.
The Contextual Menu appears once you press the Select button with your remote on the focused screen.

Learn how to customize the Multi View layout and settings through the Contextual Menu.

For the Multi View function, you may refer to the contextual menu below.

contextual menu

① Enter Content Selection Mode: You can browse and select content within the Content Selection Mode. Press and hold the Return button on the remote to return to the Multi View mode.
You can also press and hold the Select button on the remote to enter the Content Selection Mode.

② Change App/Source: You can change the app/source of the focused screen.

③ Change Screen Size: You can adjust the screen size making it bigger or smaller.

④ Set Picture-in-Picture: You can choose which corner you want to position the PIP screen and you can change the background and foreground screen as well.

⑤ Set Sound Distribution: Select this option to listen to the audio from both screens at once.
Works for watching a TV show while referring to a home workout video guide also.

⑥ Set Sound Output: Connect your Bluetooth headphone to the screen and listen to the audio separately.
Works for watching video clips while a family member is watching a TV show.

⑦ Delete Screen

⑧ Exit to Full Screen: Save your favorite Multi View configuration via the Save/Exit pop-up. This will create a saved card, through which you can immediately enter your favorite configuration the next time you use Multi View.

The supported devices and specs to use Multi View

To use Multi View on a Samsung TV, there are supported TV models / sources / mobiles / USB cameras and apps. For more details, please read the information below.

The number of available views for '21 Line-up

The number of available views depends on the models. You can check the number of views for your model below.



'21 Line-up

Number of views

The Wall

Micro LED (MS1A)

2~5 views * 4 videos



2~5 views * 4 videos








Crystal UHD TV



Lifestyle TV

The Frame (LS03A)


Supported sources to use Multi View

To use Multi View, the following sources are supported.

     • HDMI sources (STB/Console/OTT box/BDP/Laptop etc)
     • Tuner
     • Mobile mirroring (Android/iOS)
     • Laptop mirroring (iOS/Windows10↑)
     • YouTube Casting
     • USB camera
     • SmartThings camera
     • Ambient(Clock/Weather)

Supported mobile devices to use Multi View

To use Multi View, the following mobile devices are supported.

     • Supported screen mirroring compatible devices included smart phones or tablets. (Android 4.2 and higher)
     • Supported airplay 2 compatible devices included iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac book.
     • Laptops/PCs with Windows 10

Supported USB cameras for use on Multi View

To use Multi View, USB camera can be supported. For more details on USB cameras, please visit How to Google Duo on Samsung TV.

Supported apps for use on Multi View

To use Multi View, the following apps are supported.

     • Samsung TV Plus
     • YouTube
     • YouTube TV

To download apps on your TV, please follow the steps below.

    Step 1. On your Samsung remote, press the Home button.
    Step 2.
 Click Apps > Search.
    Step 3. Search for apps you want.
    Step 4. Click Download.


  • Device screenshots and menus may vary depending on the device model and software version.
  • List of supported mobile devices, USB cameras and apps can be updated without notice.

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