design, down to
the basics

A QLED 2020 TV's design is showcased in a series of closeup product shots in a dark room of fluorescent blue laser lights. The sequence starts with QLED 2020's built-in top corner speakers, then a 360-degree shot reveals its slim design before highlighting the back of the TV, where its two sets of 4 speakers are revealed. The sequence ends with an 8K resolution image of a blue and yellow flower.

Seamless beyond
the edge

Infinity Screen

Its black edges are shrunk to almost nothing, for a truly exquisite and elegant design that takes your viewing experience to all-new levels of immersion and realism. And with a nearly invisible bezel, you can focus your full attention to what's on the screen.

A simulation illustrates the effect of QLED TV's Infinity Screen. The simulation begins on an image of a typical TV bezel's top left section superimposed over the image of a darkly lit cave scene. Next, the TV's bezel becomes thinner than before. Lastly, when the camera zooms out and reveals a full-shot of the QLED TV, the remarkably thin bezel of its Infinity Screen has allowed more view of the cave scene than a typical TV.
Ultra Slim

QLED's sleek design enhances any living space with style. Its stunning design recedes into the background without the TV dominating the room. Now you can confidently design your interior with a TV that looks impressive anywhere you put it.

* The screen is on a stand and tilted back at a slight angle. This angle is not adjustable.
Two pictures are about Samsung QLED TV design. QLED's ultra slim standing design and the sideway of QLED which has almost invisible bezel.

A TV that blends into
the background

Ambient Mode+

Watch QLED TV blend into its surroundings. Simply take a picture of your TV with your phone and texture synthesis technology works its magic, generating a virtual image pattern on your TV screen. Discover the beautiful harmony of TV and interior design.

* Background feature accuracy may vary based on TV location, dependent on wall designs, patterns, and/or colors.
It demonstrates the usage and effect of QLED TV's Wall Generation feature. In each video, there is a simulated image of a QLED TV mounted on an artistically wallpapered interior room wall. To the right is a simulated image of a user holding a smartphone in camera mode. The user takes a picture of the QLED TV including the wallpaper design. The Wall Generation technology displays an identical image of the wallpaper design so that QLED TV appears to blend in with the wall behind it.

Less distraction,
more tidiness

One Invisible Connection
& No Gap Wall-Mount

Keep your wires neatly organized with QLED's single all-in-one cable and use the easy-to-install No Gap Wall-Mount that helps your TV lay flush against any wall, for a seamless look.

* ‘One Invisible Connection’ refers to a single, translucent optical cable connected to the One Connect Box integrating external device cables, but it does not refer to the cables connected to other devices such as sound bar.
* Measured from rear end of the TV, the gap may differ based on the installation and wall type.
A 2020 QLED TV with Samsung one invisible connection which makes TV cable invisible is hanging on the wall. Also, QLED TV looks glued to the wall using no gap wall mount.

See how QLED is designed for you

There are about Samsung QLED TV design. 2020 QLED TV is hanging on the wall and the other is standing in a living room. Additional speakers are on the back of TV . QLED's ultra slim standing design and the sideway of QLED which has almost invisible bezel.