Smart TV

More ways
to enjoy TV

* Service may not be launched at the same time as QLED,
and the availability may vary by region.
2020 Samsung QLED TV which is hanging on the wall has Smart hub with Smart TV powered by TIZEN.

Powerfully integrated, simple to use

One Remote Control

The elegantly refined One Remote Control gives you effortless access and control. Devices that are automatically recognized by QLED can be easily controlled—no need for separate remote controls.

Controlling a 2020 Samsung QLED TV with Samsung One remote control, using Samsung Smart hub functionality on the smart tv.

Just tap to mirror

Tap View

Mirroring movies or music from your smartphone to TV is as simple as a tap. When you tap TV with your smartphone, the TV senses the tap and mirrors automatically. So it's quick and easy to switch to the TV and continue enjoying your favorite content.

* Compatible devices only.
* This service only works when TV and mobile are on.
Google Assistant displayed on a white table, connected to a 2020 Samsung QLED TV.

TV and smartphone
on one screen

Multi View

Watch what's on TV and on your smartphone on the same screen at the same time. Simply connect your mobile and customize video size and audio settings to your liking. On a QLED TV big screen, multi-tasking becomes easy and effortless.

* Feature availability may vary by mobile device.
QLED multi view is displaying two screens one is TV and another is screen mirroring your phone.

Voice-assistants with QLED

Three logos about QLED's voice assistant which are Bixby, built-in Alexa.

Bixby's got answers


Ask Bixby for show recommendations,
make quick title searches or control
connected devices. Bixby knows what you like
and makes sure you don't miss out by suggesting
shows you're interested in but might not be
watching at the moment.

* This feature is only available in certain languages.
* This service availability may vary by region/service provider/language
Samsung QLED TV has a voice assistant named Bixby. Speak directly to QLED, Bixby recognizes the conversation. TV onscreen is showing "Recommend TV shows for me "

Smart Home on one big screen

SmartThings Dashboard

Put all of your connected devices on one screen. Simply set up the QLED SmartThings Dashboard to receive notifications as well as monitor and control your other smart home devices.

A 2020 QLED TV turned on with the smartthings dashboard showing all spaces of the house with connected devices such as  a mood light, a air conditioner and a Samsung TV as connected devices. Home CCTV is as a service and porch light is in the entrance and washer is in the laundry room.