Samsung's data security and connected care solutions technology enables healthcare facilities to improve the quality of care from the hospital to the home.

Solutions for healthcare

  • Enhancing senior lifestyles

    With Samsung's personalised solutions, it is easy for seniors to get online and stay connected with friends, family and hobbies.

  • Improving senior care

    Sensors and monitoring devices can be seamlessly integrated into a senior’s lifestyle, providing self-care, medical alerts, and measurement.

  • Enhance patient experience

    Using our Galaxy tablets, which offer seamless content mirroring, we'll help you personalise the patient experience.

  • Increase patient engagement

    Mirror medical images on a large format display from the Galaxy tablets to visually explain diagnoses and seamlessly print records.

  • Streamline workflow with dashboards

    Show patient dashboards and real-time nurse personnel tracking data to ensure smooth operations throughout your facility from a central location.

  • Personal health technology

    With the Samsung Health app, a patient can generate personal medical data, including blood-oxygen and glucose levels as well as blood pressure and heart rate.*

  • Hospital to home care

    You can deliver connected care that extends doctor/patient interactions beyond the consultation room and hospital all the way to the home.

  • Wellness to disease management

    With Samsung mobile devices, you can use cutting-edge technology throughout your institution to keep doctors and patients connected.

*Not intended for use in detection, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring or management of any medical condition or disease. Any health-related information accessed through the application should not be treated as medical advice. Patients should seek any medical advice from a physician.


Defence-grade mobile security

Samsung Knox, the mobile security platform that's built into our devices, protects sensitive data from the chipset to the application layer.

A man tapping on his Samsung smartphone with screen secured by Samsung Knox solution

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