Secure. Smart. Smooth.

Whether it’s in branch or on a device, your customers expect exceptional security and service from their banking.
Samsung finance solutions tick both boxes.

Enhanced customer service

Hand your employees Galaxy devices for truly personalised in-branch interactions. Meet customers as they enter, access their data on a Galaxy tablet to help with their enquiries then check appointment availability on a Galaxy Watch.

Maximise security

Confidential customer information stays that way with Knox defence-grade security built-in to mobile devices. Enroll all devices to your IT policy, straight out of the box. Control OS version and content updates for the whole mobile fleet. And thanks to remote management, if a device goes missing staff can lock, wipe, locate and recover its sensitive data. Do it all from afar with Knox Suite.

Improve productivity

Samsung provides cost-effective mobile solutions to improve employee productivity. When you need to get into detail on a larger display there’s Samsung DeX, turning mobile devices into PC-like experiences. Wireless DeX simply connects to your TV in the meeting room, so you can take a close look at a presentation on a large display while work from mobile apps, or access documents.

Finance in the digital age

Consumers want to manage their finances on their own terms. Find out how Samsung is developing cutting-edge mobile technology with all the security needed for finance in a digital world.

Samsung finance solutions in action

Top Products for mobile

Arm customer-facing teams with finance-ready devices, designed for secure service.