How do I use the S Pen Gestures features on the Samsung GT-N7100 Galaxy Note II handset?

How do I use the S Pen Gestures features on the Samsung GT-N7100 Galaxy Note II handset?

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Discover the freedom to be creative with the Galaxy Note II smartphone!

This is the ultimate on-the-go creativity tool. Ideas can be brought to life, and your productivity boosted with the enhanced S Pen, together with features such as Popup Note, Quick Command and much more!





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How do I remove the S Pen from my Galaxy Note II handset?Anchor 



The S Pen is removed from its slot at the back of your handset as shown in the image below.



remove s pen 

Removing the S Pen



On removal, your handset will vibrate immediately for about a couple of seconds.


The S Note menu will also appear (shown below). Here you can create notes using either a blank page or one of the many templates provided with this application.




S Note app 

S Note menu appears when the pen is removed 




After use, replace the pen by carefully sliding it back into the slot on the back your handset.




How do I create a Quick Command to use with the S Pen? Anchor 




1. From the main (or home) screen, select (tap on) Apps  Apps.



2. Select (tap on) settings Settings.



3. Select s pen  S Pen.



4. From the S Pen sub-menu select Quick command settings.



5. Select (tap on) Add a command > Select an application.



6. Then from the Select an application sub-menu, choose either an application or function as required. For example select Calculator Calculator.



7. Using this example, press Command only, which appears under the Select command type sub-menu.



8. Select Sym.



9. Select the symbol that you want to use to (i.e. draw with the S Pen) from the table of symbols within Quick Command. The symbol chosen will be used to launch the application.


For example choose the percentage symbol (%) to open the Calculator application. 



10. Then after selection, tap Done.



11. Now after launching Quick Command, draw the symbol (i.e. %) previously selected (shown in image below).



Open calculator

Calculator app opens after drawing Quick Command symbol %



This action opens the Calculator app.





How do I use the S Pen Gestures features?Anchor 



Opening Quick Note



To activate Quick Note, double-tap your handset display screen, whilst pressing the S Pen button at the same time.


This will launch the Quick Note window, as shown below.



S pen quick note  

Opening the Quick Note feature




Please note You do not need to have the Popup Note feature enabled for this function to work.




Opening the Menu  



1. Use your S Pen to activate the menu. Do this by drawing an Angle up  angle bracket pointing upwards, whilst pressing the S Pen button at the same time.



2. The above action will open the menu window.



3. To return to the previous screen, draw an Angle left  angled bracket pointing left, pressing the S Pen button at the same time.




Performing a Screen Capture 



1. To capture an image of the current screen, tap and hold down gently on the display Anchor and press the S Pen button at the same time.



2. Select Save Save icon from the menu bar at the top of the display to save image to the Screenshots folder.




3. You can then view your captured screen shots by selecting: Apps > My Files >All files > sdcard0 > Pictures > Screenshots.





Capturing a Cropped image 



1. To crop part of an image on the display and then capture the result, draw a line around the area on the image that you wish to capture. Do this whilst pressing the S Pen button, as shown below.



Cropped image 

Press S Pen button to crop image. 





2. To paste the cropped image into an S Note file, tap on the Insert  Insert icon within Note, then select the  clipboard Clipboard.



3. Tap on the cropped image within the clipboard area.



4. The image will then be loaded into the note file currently open.



5. You can tap, hold and drag the image to another part of the note you are creating. You can also add text or other images to the same note file.





Text Selection  



1. To select text from a particular screen, draw a horizontal line through the text you want to select, whilst pressing the S Pen button.



2. This will highlight the selected text. Select (tap on) the copy Copy icon, to copy the text to the clipboard.



3. To add an image previously cropped and saved to the clipboard for example, select  insert Insert, and then select clipboard Clipboard.



4. Tap on the image showing the text previously copied, and now displayed in the clipboard area.

The text will be inserted into the note file.



5. To add further text to the note file, select Text to display the keyboard.




6. Select (tap on) save when you have finished.






Opening Quick Command 



To activate Quick Command, drag the S Pen Drag s pen down from the bottom to the top of the display, whilst pressing the S Pen button. The Quick Command feature will open.



If for example, you write a word with the S Pen, and then place a question mark (?) at the beginning, then your device will recognise this as a web search (as shown in the image below).






quick search 

 Web search using Quick Command 




Please see below some examples of Quick Commands.




quick commands




Web search














Where can I purchase the Galaxy Note II handset and accessories, for example a new S Pen?* Anchor 



For more information on purchasing the Galaxy Note range of smartphones, please refer to the list below.




Galaxy note

Model Code

Product Image

Operating System

Screen display size


(Galaxy Note II - titanium grey)


Android 4.1 (Jellybean)




(Galaxy Note II - marble white)


Android 4.1 (Jellybean)




(Galaxy Note - black)





Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)


(Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade available)



(Galaxy Note - white)





Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)


(Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade available)






You can also purchase a replacement S Pen, as well as other Samsung products and accessories from here*




*Samsung Direct is the official online store for Samsung in the United Kingdom, operated by CEMOBIT.





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