How do I use the S Pen remote control on the Galaxy Note9?

In this video we will show you how to use the S Pen as a remote control on your Galaxy Note9.

Discover what features the S Pen has and make the most out of your Note9.

S-pen remote S-pen remote


The new S Pen is equipped with Bluetooth, so you can use it as a remote control. 

To activate S Pen remote, launch the Settings app, tap Advanced features, then tap S Pen and S Pen remote.

Let’s give it a try!

When you are in the Camera app, you can easily take photos without setting a timer. Press the S Pen button once to take a photo, and press it twice to switch between the front and back camera.

If you are in the Media Player app, you can play or pause a video by a single press on the S Pen button.
A double press of the S Pen will take you to the next track or video.

In the Voice Recorder app, you can play or pause a recording by single pressing the S Pen.

If you are in a Presentation you can simply go to the next slide by a single press, or go to the previous slide by a double press on the S Pen.

When in the Gallery a single press on the S Pen takes you to the next picture and a double press returns you to the previous one.

You can also press and hold the S Pen button to quickly launch a pre-assigned app such as the camera or gallery.

It is also possible to unlock your screen with the S Pen.

To activate this feature you will first need to set a secure screen lock, like a pattern, pin or password. This will deactivate any other security features such as fingerprint or facial recognition.

Then, launch the Settings app and tap Advanced features. Tap S Pen, then tap and select Unlock with S Pen remote and then OK. 

By pressing the S Pen button your screen will now be unlocked and you will see the Home screen.

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