How to activate WhatsApp notifications on a Galaxy Watch

Want your Galaxy Watch to notify you when you receive a WhatsApp notification? Read on to find out how to activate the notifications.

Pair your devicesClick to Expand

First, pair your Galaxy Watch and your smartphone via Bluetooth.

1 Activate Bluetooth on both devices.
Activate Bluetooth on Galaxy smartphone
2 Go to "Galaxy Wearable", then tap "Galaxy Watch".
Tap Galaxy Watch in Galaxy Wearable app
3 Tap "OK" to confirm, then "OK" again to connect to Galaxy Watch.
Tap OK to accept Bluetooth pairing request in Galaxy Wearable app
Update Galaxy Watch softwareClick to Expand
1 Go to the "Galaxy Wearable" app, then tap "Watch software update".
Tap Watch software update in Galaxy Wearable app
2 Tap "Download and Install".
Tap Download and install to update software in Galaxy Wearable app
3 Tap "Install now".

Please note: The watch will disconnect from your phone when the update starts. Once the update is complete, your watch will reconnect to your phone automatically.

Tap Install now to update software in Galaxy Wearable app
Enable notificationsClick to Expand
1 Go to the "Galaxy Wearable" app, then tap "Notifications".
Tap Notifications in Galaxy Wearable app
2 Tap "Apps to get notifications from".
Tap to select Apps to get notifications from in Galaxy Wearable app
3 In the drop down menu, tap "All".
Tap All in the drop down menu to view all apps in the Galaxy Wearable app
4 Tap the switch next to "WhatsApp" to activate notifications.
Tap the switch to activate WhatsApp notifications in Galaxy Wearable app

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