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Product warranty

All Samsung products come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Samsung also offers optional extended warranty offers including our 5 year home appliance warranty and 2/3 year microwave oven warranty.

To confirm the length of your warranty and to find out more about the warranty services available, please find your product below.

Warranty Policy



The warranty card and warranty information included with the product provides details of the warranty for the product and the associated terms and conditions.

The information included with the product may provide a specific website address for the warranty information, in which case the warranty for the product is as stated at that website address.

The warranty periods and warranty services referred to above are intended as a guide only and variations may occur. If there are differences between the warranty card and information included with the product and the information shown above, the warranty card and information included with the product shall apply.

The warranty periods apply from the first date of purchase of the product. To obtain warranty service, the original proof of purchase will be required and the serial number affixed to the product must be complete and undamaged.

The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty may not apply to consumable items included with or in the product, which may have a reduced or no warranty period.

The warranty card and warranty information included with the product will state specific exclusions to the warranty (e.g. where a defect is caused by misuse or unauthorised repair of the product) which must be checked before requesting service under the warranty.

To obtain assistance under the warranty, please contact Samsung using the details in the Contact Us section




Consumers who are using a product in a country in the European Economic Area and Switzerland (“Europe”) which was first purchased in another country in Europe can obtain warranty services. The period of the warranty and the warranty service provided will be those of the country in Europe where the warranty claim is made.

The minimum warranty to be provided in Europe is shown here


Please note that this is a voluntary manufacturer’s warranty and provides rights in addition to, and does not affect statutory rights of end users. When you buy a non-European device, it is not covered under our European Warranty Policy. In that regard, when making a purchase please do check that the device is a European model.

To make a claim under this warranty, end users must produce the original proof of purchase (i.e. when the product was originally sold to an end user).

Promotions extending or enhancing the terms of the limited manufacturer’s warranty are country specific and cannot be claimed in countries other than the promoting country.

To obtain technical assistance or to book a service/repair for a product first purchased in another country in Europe, please contact Samsung using the details in the Contact Us section


International Warranty (Note PC Only)


In relation to Mobile Connected PC products only, Samsung offers a limited international warranty as set out below.

The international warranty is applicable to purchases made in countries outside of the following: United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Malta, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Hungary, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Croatia.

In the event that warranty service is required on your Mobile Connected PC product and you are located outside of the country where you purchased the Mobile Connected PC product at the time of your request for service under warranty, a local Samsung entity in your location may be able to provide you with warranty service (for details of local Samsung entities please see:

Any warranty services rendered shall be in a manner consistent with the terms and conditions of the warranty scheme of the country where you originally purchased the Mobile Connected PC product. Warranty services performed, if made available, may take longer than if performed in the country of purchase. Customers seeking to invoke this limited warranty in a country not listed on shall be responsible for delivery of the product to the nearest customer service centre as advised by the local Samsung helpline. The customer shall be responsible for settling all customs fees associated with the transport, and the cost of delivery to the relevant customer service centre. Samsung will pay return transport fees only. The method of shipment of the Mobile Connected PC product shall be at Samsung’s discretion. Liability for goods in transit shall be with the shipping party.

The International Warranty Service period is 1 year (12 months) from the date of purchase. If a customer does not have a document evidencing proof of purchase, the local Samsung entity may (at its sole discretion) provide a longer international warranty period set at 15 months from the date of production for the Mobile PC product.

The International Warranty provides for only the repair of your product, it does not cover the provision of a new replacement product (in exchange) or a refund of any money you have paid for the product. Exchanges/refunds are only available in the country where you have purchased the product.