A football game where the goalkeeper is diving to the right is displayed on the immersive screen of a Samsung Big Screen TV. It seems like the ball is coming to you out of the frame.

See the bigger picture

Big is always beautiful with Samsung’s range of Big Screen TVs.
Designed to blend seamlessly into your living space, rather than dominate it, our TVs offer a breathtaking visual experience, whether they’re on or off. Discover the bigger picture with Samsung's wide range of Big Screen TVs.

Bigger screen. Bigger experience.

Upgrade your viewing experience with supersized entertainment, enhanced gaming and sophisticated design.

Realistic front row action

Bring the live stadium experience home.

Reduced lag and anti-reflection technology mean you catch every single moment in lifelike detail.
From the playing field, directly into your field of vision.
Enjoy a crisp, clear and vibrant picture on a fully immersive big screen.

Five men sitting around a table with snacks and drinks are watching the football game on a large screen TV. With Samsung Big Screen TVs, the size of your living space is no longer a factor.

Jaws will drop

Blockbusters have never looked better.

Turn your living room into a home theatre.
Watch your favourite films come to life on a big screen with amazing depth and contrast.

Two kids are watching a movie while lying on a rug. The movie shows two dinosaurs fighting.

Raise your game

Elevate your experience and lose the lag.

Big screen gaming takes the action to a whole new level.
Enhanced detail and colour volume pull you in and keep you fully engaged.

A gamer is enjoying a flight simulator using a controller on a Samsung Big Screen TV. The immersive screen is so big that the game seems more realistic, and the gamer appears to be sitting in the cockpit of the jet.

Look for more than a big screen

Not all TVs are created equally, and with Samsung, you know you're getting more than just a bigger screen.
Discover the unique innovations that make a Big Screen TV, a Samsung Big Screen TV.

Intelligent Upscaling

Samsung makes it possible to enjoy viewing on a Big Screen TV without eye fatigue or discomfort. Thanks to Samsung's unique 5-step intelligent upscaling technology, any distance is a safe viewing distance with a Big Screen TV. The Samsung intelligent engine analyses each scene to produce optimal colour, contrast, and 4K detail.

*Available in UHD and QLED models only.
A comparison of image detail before and after Intelligent Upscaling. The right side of the screen shows the enhanced detail on Samsung Big Screen TV.

Game Mode

Samsung provides the optimal environment for uninterrupted, immersive gaming on a Big Screen TV. Maximise your gaming experience with advanced features like lower input lag, variable refresh rate (VRR) and Game Motion Plus, for a fluid and fast-paced field of view. You can also switch over automatically from TV to game mode with Auto Game Mode.

*Available only in models from Premium UHD NU8000 series or higher.
A comparison of Samsung Big Screen TV's input lag in Game mode and TV mode. The right side of the screen shows Game mode and has less input lag than TV mode.

Bigger is better anywhere

See how Big Screen TVs enhance any surrounding.

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* The content within the screen are simulated images and are for demonstration purposes only.
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