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This video is a KV video of the page. Two monitors come into the center of the screen, and text appears with a graphic effect similar to the logo on the gaming monitor.

Game Changer at Play

Put to the test, and showing off their best. Dive headfirst, and experience Samsung gaming monitors making waves at the world's top gaming events. See what gamers, influencers, and pure enthusiasts have to say after getting up close and personal.

QLED Gaming Monitor Gallery. A man play game with the samsung QLED Gaming Monitor CHG9
The influencers using the samsung gaming monitor will be interviewed. A variety of samsung gaming monitors are introduced, showing the singularities of each monitor on the 240hz rapidcurve unpacked highlight field
Actually played using the samsung gaming monitor, and many people are experiencing and enjoying the samsung gaming monitor. Cosplayers of the game characters are walking around the exhibition hall, raising the atmosphere of the gaming monitor exhibition hall in Dream Hack 2019 in Leipzig
In the place where Highlight from Samsung X Gamescom 2018, several people are experiencing the gaming monitor, shooting the people they are experiencing, and the reporter is reporting the situation
Game players gallery. Gamer is playing racing game with Samsung gaming monitors
In the place where Highlight from Samsung X Gamescom 2017, several people are doing cosplay for the game characters and interviewing the samsung gaming monitor. Most of the people who use the monitor say it is a nice monitor and they praise the samsung gaming monitor
In the 2016 EA play, interview with people using the samsung gaming monitor is underway. Those who have experienced various games using monitors have been trying to purchase samsung gaming monitors.

240Hz RapidCurve™

240Hz RapidCurve™ brings a lightning-fast 240Hz refresh rate to Samsung's 1500R curved screen for immersive gameplay with seamless, ultra-smooth scenes.

This video is a video showing 240Hz RapidCurve. The 240Hz RapidCurve typo comes in from the right side of the screen to the left, and adds a bluish graphic element for a sense of speed and immersion.

G-Sync Compatible

No more choppy gameplay. G-Sync compatibility synchronizes the GPU and panel to eliminate image tears, stuttering, and screen-lag for exceptionally smooth, fast-action gaming. A dynamically adapted display refresh rate makes complex game scenes stable and virtually stutter-free.

This video is a showing the compatibility of G-sync. Two monitors are moving from both sides to the center, and G-sync on and off to G-sync. On the left side of the two monitors, G-sync is off, and on the right side of the monitor, G-sync is on.

Super Ultra-Wide

The 32:9 and 32:10 super ultra-wide aspect ratio expands your field of view beyond standard screen aspect ratios for the winning advantage in almost any game scenario. Spot your enemies faster, make your move earlier, and react to danger sooner — and up your game to a whole new level.

In order to highlight the wideness of the Samsung monitor, motion is underway in the form of super ultra wide 32:9 text and the side of the product, showing naturally the vast space background in which the spacecraft moves.

HDR1000 and QLED

Step into true-to-life realism with HDR1000 that supports peak brightness of 1,000 nits. Finally, true high dynamic range (HDR) content jumps to life. And with Samsung QLED technology's DCI-P3 95%, all colors are now purer, brighter, and strikingly life-like.

This video shows HDR and QLED effects. Focused area shows the progress of HDR and QLED. HDR has been improved from 100nits to 1000nits, making the contrast of the screen clearer and QLED expanding the spectral range of colors to see various colors.

Gain the advantage

Compete on the ultimate playing field. Upgrade your game-time with a flawlessly-smooth view that clearly displays the detail of every environment in its entirety, dark or light. And experience less lag—giving you a competitive advantage when it matters most.

The ultimate multi-tasking flexibility

Set up your gameplay for maximum productivity. Prepare for battle by creating multiple screens that display strategy guides, maps, videos, chat windows and more. No need for multiple monitor set-ups. With Samsung’s ground-breaking 49-inch super ultra-wide 32:9 monitor, you can customise your configuration for an all-in-one environment.


The ultimate in gaming

Jump right in. Immerse yourself in the storytelling of every game. Samsung delivers a vivid, real-life gaming environment that puts you at the centre of the action for the ultimate experience.

Biker riders

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