A hand-crafted bird made out of cardboard from Samsung's eco-packaging is flying over the vast forest with sunshine from high above the sky A hand-crafted bird made out of cardboard from Samsung's eco-packaging is flying over the vast forest with sunshine from high above the sky
A hand-crafted bird made out of cardboard from Samsung's eco-packaging is flying over the vast forest with sunshine from high above the sky


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To ensure a green future, Samsung designs sustainable products from the core.

A girl peers down into a box with a surprised expression. A girl peers down into a box with a surprised expression.
A girl peers down into a box with a surprised expression.


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"Dear dad, I’m sorry for making you the villain in my story & am so glad that I can now see you as my hero. I might not have made it big yet but when I do, I want you by my side saying 'I am proud of you, son.’”Through ups and downs, our dads are always there for us. Thank you @the.mastikhor for sharing how your passion for photography helped you reconnect with your dad. Tap on his profile to read this heartwarming story in full ❤️This Father’s Day, give your dad a hug or better yet - check @samsungmobile for gift ideas 🎁📷: @the.mastikhor #GalaxyS20
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Today, we’re paying tribute to the everyday items that work tirelessly in the background for our planet: our tiny hidden heroes 🦸‍♂️ Scroll to the comments to find out how they contribute to a greener world 🌷🚲💫Celebrate World Environment Day this year #withGalaxy and show us your tiny hidden heroes 🙌📷: @2018.04.30 #GalaxyS21Ultra@photo_wala_20 #GalaxyA6Plus@glassjarskenya #GalaxyA51
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Truly, the sky’s the limit. Check out our stories for more shots from last night’s eclipse and keep shooting for the sky #withGalaxy 💫📷: @dhruvwithgalaxy #GalaxyS20Plus
Mark your calendars 📅: Lunar Eclipse happening on 26 May 2021 - it’ll be the first total lunar eclipse since January 2019 🌕Get ready to shoot the beautiful sky #withGalaxy. Quick tip: grab a tripod for a steadier shot. Most importantly, have fun and show us your best shot using our hashtag! 🌚📷: @shaynemostyn #GalaxyS21Ultra@charlygrafias #GalaxyS20Plus@tianchad #GalaxyS21Ultra
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Happy Mother’s Day to all the epic mamas out there! 😍  Thank you for being a constant source of inspiration to our #withGalaxy community 🌟From our side of the world to yours, we celebrate and honour you today. And every other day 🎉📷: @giammisenpai @nurielmolcho @kyzymka_n @wahyu.yonathan
The one who believes we can do anything. Who lets us be who we want to be. Our biggest supporter. @bobthedragqueen knows this first-hand with her mom 🥰 Turn the camera and spotlight back at mom and be her number one fan 🥇 Photograph your epic mama #withGalaxy today!
“My mom’s strength and courage to rebuild her life from scratch after my dad passed away. The life she’s created for herself. And how she juggles so many roles with ease is such an inspiration to us all,” @bruisedpassports shares with us what makes her mom epic. Now it’s your turn. Tag #withGalaxy and share your epic mama stories and photos!
From growing up underprivileged, to graduating, moving to a new country, raising a family and starting her own business. Building a life from ground up for both yourself and the family is not an easy feat. But @seandoesmagic’s epic mama makes it seem effortless.Keep sharing your photos and stories of epic moms with us using #withGalaxy 🤩
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A positive use of negative space. Here are some of our favourites 🤩How did you find the challenge? Let us know in the comments ⬇️📷: @flyingwhale.mag #GalaxyS21Plus@zachalive #GalaxyS21Plus@prateekcaptures #GalaxyS20Plus
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