How do I use the Samsung Members App?

The Samsung Members app is a great place to get the latest news, tips, and support from Samsung. You can also send questions and reports to our teams and help us improve our products.

The app comes pre-installed on new devices, but you can also install it on older devices by searching for “Samsung Members” in the Play Store.

You can also register your products, access FAQs and live chat, as well as get remote support and device diagnostics.

Samsung members Samsung members
How to download Samsung Members app
1 Go to the Google Play app.
2 Search for “Samsung Members”.
3 Tap “Install” to download.
Launch Play Store to download Samsung Members
4 Launch the Samsung Members app.
Explore Samsung Members
1 Launch the Samsung Members app.
2 Tap “Explore”.
Tap Explore on Samsung Members homepage
3 Scroll down to view “Community”, “News and tips” and “Benefits”.


Share tips, reviews and your own brilliant solutions with other Galaxy users in the Community. It's a peer-led space for people like you.

Samsung Members Community homepage

News and tips

Find out the latest news from Samsung and tips on how to get the most out of your device.

Samsung Members News and tips homepage


Explore exclusive benefits for Samsung customers.

Samsung Members Benefits homepage
Get help via Samsung Members
1 Launch the Samsung Members app.
2 Tap “Get help”.
Tap Get help on Samsung Members homepage

Phone care

Make sure you’re getting the best performance from your phone. Use Samsung Members to diagnose and optimise your device. You can run automatic checks on your storage, battery and app usage.

Samsung Members Phone care menu


Search frequently asked questions for help using your device. 

Samsung Members Frequently Asked Questions


Ask questions to our experts or send error reports directly from your device.

Samsung Members Feedback menu
How do I submit an Error Report?

If you’re experiencing an unusual behaviour on Samsung mobiles, tablets, or selected wearables, sending an error report allows us to take a closer look at what is happening when this is occurring.

The data is anonymised and only held for the duration of the investigation of the report. If you can, send an error report as soon as you experience the issue (preferably within 15 mins in order for us to get the data that we need).

1 Launch the Samsung Members app.
2 Tap “Get help”.
3 Tap “Send Feedback”.
Tap Send Feedback option
4 Tap “Error Report”.
Tap Send Error Report option
5 The first time you tap the “Error Report” option, you will be asked to confirm whether to send system log data Always or Once only.
Choose frequency to send system data
6 Choose a category of error report to submit.
Choose category for your error report
7 Complete the required details and then send the report.

Thank you. Glad we were able to help. Your feedback helps us provide better support