What is Samsung Members App and how do I use it?

The Samsung Members app is a great place to get the latest news, tips, and support from Samsung. You can also send questions and reports to our teams and help us improve our products.

You can also register your products, access FAQs and live chat, as well as get remote support and device diagnostics. The Samsung Members app also allows you to access the Samsung Community.

The app comes pre-installed on new devices, but you can also install it on older devices by searching for “Samsung Members” in the Play Store.

In order to use the Samsung Members app, you will need to be logged into your Samsung Account on your Galaxy device. Find out more about setting up and logging into your Samsung Account.

Please note: if you are experiencing an issue with your device please follow the steps below to perform a diagnostics test, contact us, or find an FAQ to resolve your query.

Samsung members Samsung members
How do I submit an Error Report?

If you’re experiencing any unusual behaviour on Samsung mobiles, tablets, or selected wearables, sending an error report allows us to take a closer look at what is happening when this is occurring.

The data is anonymised and only held for the duration of the investigation of the report. If you can, send an error report as soon as you experience the issue (preferably within 15 mins in order for us to get the data that we need).

You can access “Error reports” by holding the Samsung Members app down and tapping "Error reports".

Error report selected from the Samsung Members app hold-down options

Alternatively, follow these steps: 

1 Launch the Samsung Members app.
Samsung Members app icon
2 Tap Support
Support selected in Members app
3 Scroll down and tap Error reports.
Error report selected in Members app
4 Choose a category of error report to submit
List of error report categories in Members app
5 Complete the required details and then send the report by tapping the send icon
Send button selected in Error report in Members app
Get help via Samsung Members
1 Launch the Samsung Members app.
Samsung Members app icon
2 Tap Support
Support selected in Members app


Make sure you’re getting the best performance from your phone. Use Samsung Members to diagnose and optimise your device. You can run interactive checks on your storage, battery and app usage.

1 Tap View tests
View tests selected in Diagnostics section of Members app
2 Select the test you wish to run
Selection of diagnostics tests in Members app
3 Alternatively, you can choose to Test all
Test all selected in diagnostics tests in Members app


Search frequently asked questions for help using your device. 

1 Select the category of FAQ that you need
FAQ categories in Members app
2 Select the type of issue you are looking to solve
Types of issues within FAQs in Members app
3 Select the appropriate FAQ from the list
List of FAQs in Members app
4 Alternatively, you can search for an FAQ by tapping the search icon
Search button selected in FAQ list in Members app

Chat with a professional consultant or get remote support

Text chat with a professional consultant to solve your query, or through the remote support function, a consultant can remotely access and control your phone to diagnose and resolve problems.

1 Scroll down to Quick help
2 Select whether you would like Text chat or Remote support
Quick help section of Support in Members app
3 Follow the instructions on screen


Ask questions to our experts or send error reports directly from your device. You can choose whether to Ask questions, send an Error report or Check feedback you’ve sent

Send feedback section of Support in Members app

Other ways to get help

Call our customer service helpline or use the Visit us function to locate your nearest Samsung support centre to visit us in person.

Other ways to get help section in Support in Members app

You can find other ways to get help in this section

User manual

Find and download user manuals for apps and products here.

Call us

Use this to call the Samsung tech support line.

Visit us

Here you can find your nearest Samsung repair centre.

Request service

Here you can request a service for your product, including a repair.

Service tracker

If you have already requested a repair for your product, you can track its status here.

Discover Samsung Members
1 Launch the Samsung Members app.
Samsung Members app icon
2 Tap Discover
Discover selected in Members app
3 Scroll down to view News and tips, Benefits, Editor picks, Contests and Galaxy Shop

News and tips

Find out the latest news from Samsung and tips on how to get the most out of your device.

News and tips section in Members app


Explore exclusive benefits for Samsung customers.

Benefits section of Members app


Discover fun, exciting contests to enter, where you can win great Samsung prizes.

Contests section of Members app

Galaxy Shop

Explore Samsung’s latest products in the Galaxy Shop.

Galaxy Shop section of Members app

On the Community section of the Samsung Members app, you can explore the Samsung Community. See the latest news, read articles, and start discussions with other Samsung Community users.

25Community Section of Members app

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