How to charge a Galaxy Watch with or without a charger

How to charge a Galaxy Smartwatch

To take full advantage of your Galaxy watch, make sure to charge it properly. Charge the battery before using it for the first time or when it has been unused for lengthy periods. The actual battery life depends on the Wi-Fi connection, apps used and the frequency of calls and messages. 

Please note: use only Samsung-approved chargers, batteries, cables and dock, as third-party equipment might damage the Galaxy Watch Active. If you need a new charger or charging accessory these can be bought online from the Samsung shop.

If after trying the steps below you are experiencing problems charging your Galaxy watch, you can troubleshoot the problem and book a repair at the Samsung repairs page.

When the battery power is low, the battery icon appears empty. 

1 Plug the charger into a socket and the other end into the charger port
2 Place the Galaxy Watch on the dock, making sure the back is aligned to the centre of the wireless charging dock

Please note: if there are obstructions between the Galaxy Watch and the wireless charging dock (liquid or dust), it may not charge properly

3 When the watch starts charging, the dock’s LED indicator will display a red light

LED indicator colour status


  • Red light: charging
  • Green light: fully charged
  • Orange light: connected to low power adaptor
Galaxy watch charging dock

Place the Galaxy Watch Active on the charging station and align both devices so that the centre of the station and the back of the smartwatch are on top of each other.

Wireless charging dock

You can also charge the Galaxy Watch Active's battery via a compatible wireless charging pad or a compatible device with similar functionality. 

Compatible wireless charging dock

If the watch is turned off, a lightning icon will appear on the screen. Press any of the Galaxy Watch Active’s keys to turn on the watch while it is on the wireless charger and check the charging status by tapping on the screen.

Both the Galaxy Watch and the Galaxy Watch Active can be charged via the innovative Wireless PowerShare function. For example, you can use a Samsung Galaxy S10 as a charging station for the smartwatch.


Follow these steps to charge the smartwatch battery via Wireless PowerShare:

1 Reveal the notification panel of your smartphone by dragging down from any two points of the top of the screen
2 Tap the Wireless PowerShare icon to turn it on
3 Place the Galaxy watch in the centre of the back of the Galaxy S10
GIF-  Wireless PowerShare charging
4 The flashing blue LED indicates that Wireless PowerShare is enabled. Once a connection has been established between the devices, the smartphone vibrates and a red LED lights up
5 Disconnect both devices as soon as enough power has been transferred, and then disable the Galaxy S10's Wireless PowerShare feature

With the activation of power saving mode, the functions will be reduced as follows:


  • All colours displayed on the screen will be grayscale
  • The Wi-Fi network will be disabled
  • All features will be limited except calls, messages and notifications
  • No notifications for applications that require a network connection will be received
  • The processor performance will be limited


You can activate the power saving mode from the Settings:

1 Tap Settings and rotate the bezel or scroll down to select Battery
Tap Settings
2 Select Power saving and confirm by tapping the tick
Confirm by tapping the tick

You can also activate this mode from the notifications panel: 

1 Swipe down from the top of the screen to reveal the notification panel
2 Tap the Power saving icon and confirm by tapping the tick
Tap the Power saving icon

To deactivate this mode, tap Turn off at the bottom of the power saving mode screen and select the tick.

Tap Turn off

Alternatively, tap the Power saving icon on the notification panel again to deactivate. 

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