How to create a GIF with your Galaxy Note9

In this video you’ll learn how to make a GIF with your Galaxy Note9.

Transcript: How to create a GIF with your Galaxy Note9

In this video we'll be showing you the different ways to create and edit a GIF.

The first way to create a GIF is through an image burst. To begin, open the camera and set the shooting mode to “Auto”. Then press and hold the shutter button to take the whole range of images in burst mode. 

Close the camera and open the Gallery where the image will have been saved. Tap the burst photo icon in the middle of the screen to see the whole set of images. Continue by tapping the ‘more options’ icon to disclose the menu and select “Create GIF”.

Different editing options will appear at the bottom. You may change the size, adjust the speed, adjust the direction of the playback and draw or add text and stickers to personalise the GIF. To save the created GIF make sure to tap the ‘tick’.

The other option is through the ‘Air Command’ menu. Extract the S Pen and open the ‘Air Command’ menu by either clicking the S Pen button or tapping the ‘floating S Pen’ icon. From the shortcuts choose “Smart select” and then “Animation” on the top bar. Move and adjust the selection area, then tap “Record”. Wait while the animation is being created and when it is done, tap “Stop”. You will find the GIF in the Gallery.

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