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Celebrate International Social Media day by dropping a like 😉🤳#internationalsocialmediaday #socialmedia
Show some love for the colour of the season: Burgundy! ❤️ #Burgundy #GalaxyS22
You’re not like the other superstars. You don’t need an opening act to set the scene and draw attention. With the foldable Galaxy Z Fold3 5G, your opening act tops the bill. We think it’s worth a standing ovation. #SuperStar #OpeningAct #GalaxyZFold3
Our oceans are filled with plastic. To help reduce the millions of pieces of plastic waste, we’re working to collect more than 50 tons of discarded fishing nets and transforming them into Galaxy technology including the #GalaxyS22 #GalaxyBook2Pro and #GalaxyTabS8. ⁠⁠Through #GalaxyForThePlanet Samsung is advancing a more sustainable future.⁠
This World Environment Day, let’s find small ways we can add sustainability into every day. ⁠⁠Small changes make a meaningful impact so join us as we make #EverydaySustainability part of our lifestyles. ⁠⁠#WorldEnvironmentDay #Samsung⁠
Gaming all day long. Have it on everywhere, all the time. Non-stop top performance. It might sound exhausting to you, but the Galaxy S22 Series never gets tired. So you can just enjoy your hard-earned relaxation. #RelaxToTheMax #GalaxyS22
Michael Jordan. LeBron James. Big men with even bigger names. These basketball players do the impossible. How would that feel? ​⁠⁠They make a slam dunk that almost feels achievable for you. A three pointer that looks like a piece of cake. They make things seem within reach by extending themselves. How would that feel? ​⁠⁠If you have a Galaxy Z Flip3 5G you know. Get likes with cool selfies, break TikTok records. And even those still training bounce for joy. ​⁠⁠Now the ball’s in your court. What will you do? ​⁠⁠#SlamDunk #PassTheBall #GalaxyZFlip3
Ocean pollution is a threat to all of us. Samsung created a solution that combines sustainability and innovation. We can all take small steps to protect our planet and make meaningful sustainable action. @bts.bighitofficial is already on board. ⁠⁠Through #GalaxyForThePlanet Samsung is advancing a more sustainable future. #GalaxyxBTS⁠
Put the ‘art’ in ‘smart’, and never forget a brilliant idea again. Start your sketch wherever you are, then switch effortlessly to a bigger canvas when you get home. #StayConnected #StayInspired #GalaxyTabS8 #GalaxyS22 #SPen
Work-out before work? ​⁠⁠Change in the changing room, straighten your tie and set your Galaxy Watch4 for the next phase in your day. Time to shine.​⁠⁠#WhatsNext #WorkOutBeforeWork #GalaxyWatch4
Small but perfectly formed, it slips unobtrusively into your pocket. Flip it open to unfold a world of possibilities. Take photos hands-free and multi-task like a boss with two screens – let the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G flip your world! #GalaxyZFlip3 #PocketSize
Participating is more important than winning. Still, nothing beats conquering yourself. So just quickly check your personal record. Breathe in, breathe out. Deal with it, former self!​⁠⁠#BeatYourself #GalaxyWatch4
Picture perfect, right? Try out your best look and pose now, because with the new Galaxy Z Flip3 5G you’ll make a fantastic impression everywhere. #GalaxyZFlip3 #Statement #StrikeAPose
Everything you need for fitness. Our Galaxy Watch4 Classic is just what you need for performance in style. Everyone sometimes needs that extra motivation. 😉! #Fitness #SportMotivation #GalaxyWatch4Classic
Hear. See. Write. That’s the new Galaxy experience. #FromWiseToSmart #GalaxyS22 #GalaxyBudsPro #SPen
Get rid of those notebooks full of illegible scribblings! From now on, you can keep track of all your to-do lists, notes and genius ideas on your Galaxy Z Fold3 5G with the special S Pen Fold Edition. ✔️ #TopTeam #BetterTogether #GalaxyZFold3 #SPen
Few sporting images are so epic as Rocky running up the stairs in Philadelphia. How many steps did he climb in total? Nobody knows, because smartwatches didn’t exist in the 70s. And if they did exist, they certainly wouldn’t have been shockproof. ​⁠⁠Things are different nowadays. You can keep on climbing, running and smashing. There’s nothing in your way. Your smartwatch picks up every step, vibration and knock.​⁠⁠So cue up the music and bring on the next training montage! ​⁠⁠#YoAdrian #StairClimbing #GalaxyWatch4
What would we do without our smartphones, hey? You can use it to⁠ make calls, take photos, record videos, send e-mails, scroll, watch,⁠read, play... and the front camera is also an excellent mirror when it’s⁠ time to touch up your make-up! #PartyOClock #GalaxyWatch4
You’ve never been so laid back just before heading out the door. Who’d have thought doing two things at once could be so relaxing? In a single glance you can see which meeting you’ve got scheduled and where you need to be, so sit back and have another coffee before you go! ​⁠⁠#MultitaskingTalent #WhereToAndWhy #GalaxyZFold3​
A classic in contemporary styling. Literally. The Galaxy Watch4 Classic is a must for anyone who loves timeless design and the latest innovations. #Stylish #GalaxyWatch4Classic
Fell asleep while binging in bed? 🤫​⁠⁠Fortunately the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G battery can stay the course. So you wake up fully recharged and can just get started with your day. ​⁠⁠#AllNightBattery #BingingInBed #GalaxyZFlip3
Mom’s got style, and now everyone will know it. Shine a light on Mom by gifting her what she needs for the perfect night out this Mother’s Day. ⁠⁠#GalaxyS22Ultra #Airdresser #Smartphone #SamsungBespoke #MothersNight #Samsung⁠⁠*This image is simulated for illustrative purposes
‘It’s about the journey, not the destination.’ There’s something to that,⁠ naturally, but not when you’re in a hurry. Search for the right walking⁠ route on the train, while also dashing off a few e-mails and making a⁠ note of your latest ideas. All at the same time, on one screen!⁠⁠#Multitask #GoWithTheFlow #GalaxyZFold3
Hanging your smartphone from your belt might seem a little oldfashioned. But the new Galaxy Z Flip3 is simply too stylish to hide⁠away in your pocket! #EyeCatcher #GalaxyZFlip3
For the game fanatics, the in-bed streamers and the people working from home. This is for you. Discover the new Galaxy Book2 Series. ⁠