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That moment when… your smartwatch matches with your fresh outfit. #GalaxyWatch5Pro
Put the task in multi-task. #GalaxyZFold4
You at the gym: no one can keep up with me! Your Galaxy Watch 5: watch me. #GalaxyWatch5
Casual chic & flipping fancy! #GalaxyZFlip4
Here they are, meet our new family!⁠⁠Check out our link in bio 👀
When you mix red, blue, and a lot of love, you get something great. #SamsungUnpacked
Challenge your limits and open up to greater possibilities. The sound of a greater world arrives on August 10, 2022. #SamsungUnpacked
With SmartThings Find you can locate all your stuff. From your keys, your wallet, your suitcase or that one friend who is always lost. 😅🏝
Watch something greater than before unfold. #SamsungUnpacked"
We have a secret to tell you #SamsungUnpacked
Guess which emoji we drew: 👇 #GalaxyTabS8 #SPen
Want to win a 4-day trip to a big city this summer? The rules⁠ are simple: upload the best 00s vibe photo of yourself on the⁠ Samsung Members page. You can enter until the 18th of July.⁠Want to know more? Check our link in bio!
Celebrate International Social Media day by dropping a like 😉🤳#internationalsocialmediaday #socialmedia
Show some love for the colour of the season: Burgundy! ❤️ #Burgundy #GalaxyS22
You’re not like the other superstars. You don’t need an opening act to set the scene and draw attention. With the foldable Galaxy Z Fold3 5G, your opening act tops the bill. We think it’s worth a standing ovation. #SuperStar #OpeningAct #GalaxyZFold3
Our oceans are filled with plastic. To help reduce the millions of pieces of plastic waste, we’re working to collect more than 50 tons of discarded fishing nets and transforming them into Galaxy technology including the #GalaxyS22 #GalaxyBook2Pro and #GalaxyTabS8. ⁠⁠Through #GalaxyForThePlanet Samsung is advancing a more sustainable future.⁠
This World Environment Day, let’s find small ways we can add sustainability into every day. ⁠⁠Small changes make a meaningful impact so join us as we make #EverydaySustainability part of our lifestyles. ⁠⁠#WorldEnvironmentDay #Samsung⁠
Gaming all day long. Have it on everywhere, all the time. Non-stop top performance. It might sound exhausting to you, but the Galaxy S22 Series never gets tired. So you can just enjoy your hard-earned relaxation. #RelaxToTheMax #GalaxyS22
Michael Jordan. LeBron James. Big men with even bigger names. These basketball players do the impossible. How would that feel? ​⁠⁠They make a slam dunk that almost feels achievable for you. A three pointer that looks like a piece of cake. They make things seem within reach by extending themselves. How would that feel? ​⁠⁠If you have a Galaxy Z Flip3 5G you know. Get likes with cool selfies, break TikTok records. And even those still training bounce for joy. ​⁠⁠Now the ball’s in your court. What will you do? ​⁠⁠#SlamDunk #PassTheBall #GalaxyZFlip3
Ocean pollution is a threat to all of us. Samsung created a solution that combines sustainability and innovation. We can all take small steps to protect our planet and make meaningful sustainable action. @bts.bighitofficial is already on board. ⁠⁠Through #GalaxyForThePlanet Samsung is advancing a more sustainable future. #GalaxyxBTS⁠
Put the ‘art’ in ‘smart’, and never forget a brilliant idea again. Start your sketch wherever you are, then switch effortlessly to a bigger canvas when you get home. #StayConnected #StayInspired #GalaxyTabS8 #GalaxyS22 #SPen
Work-out before work? ​⁠⁠Change in the changing room, straighten your tie and set your Galaxy Watch4 for the next phase in your day. Time to shine.​⁠⁠#WhatsNext #WorkOutBeforeWork #GalaxyWatch4
Small but perfectly formed, it slips unobtrusively into your pocket. Flip it open to unfold a world of possibilities. Take photos hands-free and multi-task like a boss with two screens – let the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G flip your world! #GalaxyZFlip3 #PocketSize
Participating is more important than winning. Still, nothing beats conquering yourself. So just quickly check your personal record. Breathe in, breathe out. Deal with it, former self!​⁠⁠#BeatYourself #GalaxyWatch4
Picture perfect, right? Try out your best look and pose now, because with the new Galaxy Z Flip3 5G you’ll make a fantastic impression everywhere. #GalaxyZFlip3 #Statement #StrikeAPose