How Galaxy Buds Pro Are Made
With Digital Accessibility in Mind

Living a tech-forward lifestyle is easier than ever with audio accessibility on the Galaxy Buds Pro.

If you’re hard of hearing, you know it’s tough to manage a plugged-in, modern life. Thankfully, earbud technology has made enormous strides toward making the juggle less of a struggle. Galaxy Buds Pro don’t just help you tune out the world when listening to your favourite tunes or podcasts. With the right settings, you can hear more of the outside world, adjust volume by individual ear and by frequency and do even more to manage your hearing loss.

Find your individual balance

Hearing loss can vary from mild to complete hearing loss, can be isolated to specific frequencies or even change from ear to ear. While Galaxy Buds Pro can’t replace prescription hearing aids, they can do quite a bit to help you manage hearing loss, however it manifests for you.

Adapt Sound tests your hearing, then adjusts the left and right headphones independently to fit your unique needs.¹ It can change general volume, or even focus on specific frequencies, increasing or decreasing them as needed, ensuring you end up with the right level of audio on both sides.

Bring the outside world in

Not only do the Galaxy Buds Pro cancel sounds from your environment with Active Noise Cancelling—they can even amplify the sounds you specify. Ambient Sound mics pick up sound from the surrounding environment, so you can turn it up or down as it suits you. You can even fine-tune settings to amplify or dampen specific sounds, like human voices or doorbells. A recent study found² that Ambient Sound in the Galaxy Buds Pro can help people with mild to moderate hearing impairments understand spoken words better, leading to better engagement in conversation.

Live your life with long-lasting battery

It doesn’t matter how good a pair of earbuds are for digital accessibility if they die in the middle of a movie or an audiobook. Battery is even more important when you’re relying on them for conversation and hearing the world around you. That’s why Galaxy Buds Pro are made to last, with up to 5 hours of play time on a single charge and another 13 hours in the case.

Transcription at your service
Have trouble hearing the other side of a conversation? Open the Voice Recorder app and use Voice Memos to transcribe speech into text.

Control sound with a touch

It’s easy to react to sudden changes in your immediate environment without having to pull out your phone when Galaxy Buds Pro are in your ears. With touch controls, you can pause or skip music and podcasts, receive and end phone calls, and customise your touch-and-hold to turn on Ambient Sound the moment you need it.³

A woman in a hooded sweatshirt and jacket closes her eyes and enjoys the music playing on her Galaxy Buds Pro. A woman in a hooded sweatshirt and jacket closes her eyes and enjoys the music playing on her Galaxy Buds Pro.

Beckon Bixby when you need help

Audio accessibility can work two ways—there’s making audio more accessible to the hard of hearing, and then there’s using audio technology to increase general accessibility. With a simple “Hi Bixby,” you can turn on Active Noise Cancelling, unlock the touchpad on your Galaxy Buds Pro or check your battery level.⁴

  • ¹Adapt sound is available on Galaxy S series, Galaxy Note series, Galaxy Z series.
  • ²
  • ³Features including Ambient Noise Cancelling and Ambient Sound require a Bluetooth connection to a compatible device. Advanced settings such as Ambient Noise Levels available only on Android devices running Android 7.0 or higher and 1.5GB RAM or above. Advanced features enabled through the Galaxy Wearable app on Android, available through the Google Play Store.
  • ⁴Availability of Bixby features and content providers may vary by country or language; Bixby only recognizes certain accents and dialects of English (UK), English (US), French (France), German (Germany), Italian (Italy), Korean (South Korea), Mandarin Chinese (China), Spanish (Spain) and Portuguese (Brazil). Galaxy Buds Pro must be connected to a Samsung Galaxy device with a data network or Wi-Fi connection to fully operate Bixby features. Samsung Account login also required.

Get the right fit for your life

With Samsung, accessibility is front and center in everything we design. Grab the Galaxy Buds Pro and the Galaxy S21 5G and tune in to the world around you.

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