The Voyage Sets Sail

Get on board with Samsung’s new brand sound.

A sound can reach your brain in just 0.05 seconds, much faster than the 0.2 seconds it takes for sight or touch. But more importantly, it has this amazing power that instantly takes you to special places and memories; jolly carols remind us that the holidays are here, and a single song can let you relive the moments of your first prom dance.

Likewise, brand sounds have the potential to take consumer experience to the next level, making the experience more sensory and immersive. Because we understand this power, our team of sound designers have always looked for ways to sonically express the Samsung brand throughout our product experience. Over the years, we have designed iconic brand sounds like ‘Over the Horizon’ and ‘Beyond the Horizon’ to accompany and express the cutting-edge innovation of our mobile devices, and the comfy, reliable convenience of our home appliances.

Today, we introduce a new brand sound that overarches the entire Samsung family: ‘The Voyage’. Created through a team effort integrating and simplifying the melodies of ‘Over the Horizon’ and ‘Beyond the Horizon’, ‘The Voyage’ will anthem Samsung’s relentless innovation across all touchpoints to enhance your brand experience through our favorite universal language – music.

That Samsung sound!

The minimal, four-note melody of ‘The Voyage’ is constructed to represent the Samsung spirit of the relentless pioneer who overcomes obstacles and sets paths for others to follow. Its beautiful simplicity allows the score to be re-interpreted and re imagined in countless ways for different contexts and narratives, while maintaining the goal of creating “that Samsung sound” for the global audience.

There are illustrated music notes of do, sol, sol, mi, and re with green, blue, yellow, and red dots around them. The notes are to show the melody of the brand sound 'The Voyage'. There are illustrated music notes of do, sol, sol, mi, and re with green, blue, yellow, and red dots around them. The notes are to show the melody of the brand sound 'The Voyage'.

Never settle, even for perfection

Every note of ‘The Voyage’ is carefully placed to deliver an important narrative: our promise of reassurance and reliability of our products, and the optimistic anticipation for our future innovations.

The melody begins with a feeling of comfort and stability.

The very first note, ‘Do’(C), represents the firm start that paved our path to new possibilities.
Then comes the subtle shift in tone through the mid-melody, beginning with a ‘Sol’(G), and dropping to ‘Mi’(E), expressing of our preparation for the next big leap.

Finally, the last note ‘Re’(D) leaves us with an open feeling of anticipation and excitement towards an infinitely open future.

Through these notes, ‘The Voyage’ invites the audience to Samsung’s never-ending journey towards greater perfection.

One melody, different styles

As we always want to deliver our message in the most fitting tone wherever you meet us, ‘The Voyage’ will be available in different versions variated based on Samsung’s 4 brand tonalities – Bold for the sensorial experience of our customers, Genuine for engaging and charming moments, Contemporary for the empowerment to try new ways of thinking, and Playful for warmth and humanity to our stories. Each piece will be representing different moods, purposed for various contexts and environments. Let’s meet some of the versions below!

There are light blue and green dots formed in swirling shape. Also between the dots there are light blue and green straight lines.
There are purple and blue dots formed in swirling shape on a space background.
There are red and orange dots formed in a swirling shape. Also there are yellow lines following the pattern of the shape.
There are red, orange, blue, and green dots formed in swirling shape.

‘The Voyage’ will be heard in stores, offline events, products, digital contents, and many more as the signature brand sound of Samsung, taking you to places you’ve never expected.

Stay tuned as ‘The Voyage’ continues!

A shout-out to all the pioneers

We have been and will always stay true to our course to make a better future with new and exciting innovations. And we are constantly looking for ways to carry across our message so that it can be heard, felt, and remembered.

That’s why we’ve created the brand sound; to remind you of our pioneering spirit through a vivid sonic experience that goes beyond words and images. To inspire every pioneer out there.

Wherever and whenever you may hear ‘The Voyage,’ we hope it encourages you aboard on our journey to make the world a better place.

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