Notes to Windows 10 update

Last Update date : Oct 28. 2020
1 Q: I am returned to my previous Windows version while upgrading to Windows 10.

A: Install the latest programs and drivers with Windows Update and then try again. 

2 Q: Some programs don't work correctly after updating.

A: Delete the programs that are not working and then install the latest versions for Windows 10. Run "SW Update" to install Samsung programs. You can see information about programs' Windows 10 compatibility at “”. 

Note: Some programs may not be compatible with Windows 10. 

3 Q: Samsung SW Update was not installed.

A: You can download it from “”. 

4 Q: How can I check which devices need Windows 10 drivers installed?

A: Run Device Manager by pressing the Windows key + X to find devices with exclamation points. 

5 Q: I want to revert to a previous version of Windows.

A: You can return using "Restore a previous version of Windows". 
Menu: Windows Settings > Update and Restore > Restore > Restore a previous version of Windows 

Note: You cannot revert if 28 days or more have elapsed since upgrading. 

6 Q: Is the Windows 10 upgrade free?

A: Windows 10 is free for 1 year after its release. However, if you upgrade once more within that year, you can upgrade for free after that year even when reinstalling. 

7 Q: What is Edge?

A: It's a new web browser in Windows 10. Since it doesn't support ActiveX and BHO, use of online banking, games, etc. may be limited. 

8 Q: Does Cortana support all languages?

A: Cortana can currently only be used in English (US or UK), Chinese (simplified), German (Germany), French (France), Italian and Spanish (Spain). 

9 Q: Some apps and devices don't work correctly in Windows 10.

A: Apps designed to work in Windows 7/8/8.1 may not work in Windows 10. Check the app manufacturer's website or inquire at their customer service center. You can see details at “”.

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