Changing Boot device Priority Order on PC (Hong-Kong version)

Last Update date : Sep 28. 2020
1 Press the [F2] key several times after turning on your PC but before the Samsung logo appears.
Changing Boot device Priority Order samsung PC, f2 bios settings windows 10
2 On the BIOS settings screen, open the [Boot] menu.
samsung notebook BIOS settings, samsung pc Boot menu, Changing Boot device Priority Order on samsung computer
3 Choose [Boot Device Priority].
samsung pc Boot Device Priority, samsung bios configuration, Changing Boot device Priority Order
4 In [Boot Options], change the boot priority.
samsung pc Boot Options, samsung computer boot priority, Changing Boot device Priority Order
5 Click the [Save] button.
※ To restart your computer without saving the changes, go to [Exit] → [OK].
Boot device Priority Order, change boot priority samsung pc, samsung computer boot options, samsung notebook Boot Device Priority
6 Click [OK] to save the changes and restart your computer.
Boot device Priority Order, boot options samsung pc, boot priority samsung notebook, boot device priority samsung computer

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