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Over the last two years, global events have taught us a lot about adapting in the face of adversity. Specifically, they made us dramatically change our relationship to space.

These days, bedrooms double up as home-gyms, temporary classrooms, or workspaces. So it makes sense to consider a screen option that - unlike a TV - can adapt to make every space work as hard as it can. We’re talking about The Freestyle, our brand new home projector that revolutionises the way (and where) you watch, listen and play.


No spot too tight

Traditional televisions can’t fit into triangular shaped attic walls, or tiny little box rooms - but The Freestyle can, without compromising on colour, or image sharpness. One of the biggest benefits of a portable projector is its versatility - you can use it just about anywhere, no matter how tight, small or awkwardly shaped the room. In practical terms, that means you can place it just inches away from the wall, and still enjoy great picture quality (without having to yell at anyone whose head gets in the way of the projector beam).

If you’re creating a part-time home gym in an attic space, or trying to find a gaming spot that can be set up and closed down in seconds, the Freestyle is your new best friend. You can avoid feeding wires through your walls and ceiling to connect your consoles - the Freestyle can be placed very close to the wall. Plus, the screen expands and retracts easily if you’re adding more players. And it stays horizontal no matter how hard you play.


No experience too big

Many people watch new releases or blockbusters from the comfort of their living room these days. But how do you recreate a real life cinema experience, or feel like you’re right there at a concert - at home? The Freestyle is perfect for those who crave a big experience, be it film, or sport or live music. Not only does it boast a 360-degree audio experience, its self-adjusting screen size will adapt to the amount of viewers - you could even use it on an outdoor garden wall, for a group watch party. Plus, you can experiment with the Freestyle’s music wall effect, prism effect and ambient mode to recreate the feeling of a live concert, all without leaving the house.


No space left offline

One of the most useful ways in which TVs have levelled up in the last decade is their smart capabilities. With that in mind, portable projectors have had to get even smarter. The Freestyle supports Netflix (and most other major channels) so you can binge all your favourites, and can even stream live from the main TV in your home.

You can also incorporate the Freestyle’s smart features into your homeschooling or online teaching, by turning it into a digital whiteboard. It also offers automatic set up, auto focus and auto angle, which makes using it as intuitive and easy as peeling a banana. And if you’re leading seminars or training, The Freestyle can make group calls even easier.


A no-screen zone

As any Zen master or Feng Shui lover will tell you, screens in the bedroom aren’t ideal for winding down. And in the living room, it’s often a case of overkill - a big screen TV as a focal point, and various tablets lying about. Why not swap your screens for a projector, and when you’re finished watching, or listening, there’s no big black screen ruining the ambience or design of the room for the design conscious among you. Smaller, and more aesthetically compact, the Freestyle can be easily wall mounted as well, so if your room is small, it’s still far more discreet than a traditional television. And speaking of creating some chilled vibes in your home, the Freestyle’s ambient lens and prism effect can create a dreamy meditation room in seconds.

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