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We’ve partnered with Carbon Footprint Ltd to offset the emissions of a wide range of our Laundry and Refrigeration products2 - so they’re carbon neutral while you use them. This means we will offset the future lifetime output of each selected appliance sold by 30 Sept 20221 from participating retailers3.

Our promise

With this initiative we are working with Carbon Footprint Ltd, who are committed to supporting solar, wind and tree-planting initiatives, as well as protecting forest degradation both locally and overseas.

Why Carbon Footprint?

Carbon Footprint™ has an extensive portfolio of carbon offset projects that all meet the stringent requirements of the Quality Assurance Standard (QAS) for Carbon Offsetting.

Wind Power projects in India

Both projects generate electricity through renewable wind energy, which is provided to homes and business in India.

The first is the “Renewable Wind Power Project By Axis Wind Farms (Rayalaseema) Pvt. Ltd”. This project involves the installation, maintenance and operation of 6 Wind turbines in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh and is expected to reduce approximately 198,183 tCO2e per year, by replacing electricity that would be generated by thermal/fossil fuel based power plant.

The second is the “199.70 MW Wind Project In Maharashtra By BWDPL”. This project has 97 Wind Turbines and is expected to reduce emissions by around 364,000tCO2e per year

Planting trees in the UK and Ireland

We know trees will absorb CO2 for future generations and provide new homes for local wildlife.
That’s why for every ton of carbon we’ll offset on qualifying appliances sold by 30 June 2022, Carbon Footprint™ plant 1 native broad leaf trees in schools, parks and other sites in the UK and Ireland.

Verified Carbon Standard

Each Carbon Footprint™ project is verified by VERRA, the global leader in the fight against pressing environmental and social challenges. All VCS-certified projects demonstrate real, measurable, additional and permanent emission reductions.

 Verified Carbon Standard  Verified Carbon Standard

Did you know?

Our partnership with Carbon Footprint started in 2021. Last year, we invested in a portfolio of projects, on and off-shore, covering solar, wind, tree-planting and protecting forest degradation.

With your help, it is 270,948 tCO2e that we were able to offset in Brazil and India throughout 2021, and 8126 trees we planted in the UK and Ireland.

Not sure what that all means? Here are some examples of what 1tCO2 is equivalent to:

  • 3570 miles driven in an average size petrol car
  • About 4 people flying from London to Glasgow and back (1.11 tCO2), or 7 people flying from London to Dublin and back (0.99 tCO2) in economy class - that is their share of the flight not the whole aircraft. 

How our carbon footprint is calculated

The lifetime carbon footprint is calculated by using the average annual energy consumption of our appliances and multiplying this by the average product lifetime.

The average energy consumption of each product is determined in accordance with its energy label.
All products requiring an energy label are verified and registered in the European Product Database for Energy Labelling (EPREL).

The average lifetimes & usage according to the Energy Saving Trust are as follows:
-11 years / 284 cycles/year for a Washing Machine
-13 years / 260 cycles/year for a Tumble Dryer
-17 years for a Refrigeration product

How our carbon footprint is calculated How our carbon footprint is calculated

Top grade energy efficiency

With our advanced ecobubble™ technology, you can wash cooler, save on your bills and still get brilliant results. An intelligent, easy-to-use control panel remembers your laundry habits and suggests your favourite cycles. While the SmartThings app4 lets you schedule your wash from anywhere.

Built to suit your lifestyle.

Stock up on all the groceries you like and never worry about where to store them. Integrated or Freestanding, you can even customise your Bespoke appliances or choose from pre-configured options .

Wash even Smarter

For those looking to further reduce their carbon impact, the SmartThings Laundry Planner feature can help: using the SmartThings4 app you can schedule your appliance to run outside of peak hours, putting less pressure on the grid5. You can ensure your washes are timed to finish fresh when needed, to avoid sitting in the drum.

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DID Electrical 






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7 Ireland (Exertis)



1 Purchase before 30 Sept 2022. Find out more at

2 Bespoke Refrigerators, Classic Fridge Freezer C energy graded models and above, Side by Side E graded models and above, Built-In Refrigerators D graded and above, all Series 5+ and above Washing Machine and Heat Pump Tumble Dryers.

3 Please click here to view the full list of UK & Ireland participating retailers. 

4 Available on Wi-fi enabled Samsung Laundry Appliances. SmartThings app available on Android and iOS. An internet connection is required.

5 Check the live updates at