Samsung SGH-I780

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• Thin, compact form factor (115.9x61.3x12.9mm) seals the deal
• Stylish contemporary design conveys clean, professional image
• Large 2.55” 65,536 (320 x 320) TFT LCD with Landscape View gives the brightest, clearest display


• Integrated GPS keeps you atop every geographical location, each specific address, at home and abroad
• Garmin’s handy location-based services combined with Google Maps cover all the bases
• Assisted GPS software for Orange (Webraska) users consumes less power on your handset and eliminates interference, boosting accuracy of locations

optical joystick

optical joystick
• Optical Joystick operates as a mini-optical mouse, just like your PC
• Freewheeling 360 joystick action makes navigation as fun as game playing
• Maximum comfort and GUI familiarity in using mouse-like key to screen hop, tab and page through favourites, and reach your destination


• Higher download rate of up to 3.6Mbps offers faster data downloads, especially useful for large attachments
• Update corporate database and share files in real-time, facilitating networking among colleagues and more efficient task management
• High speed connectivity, video calling and multimedia downloads receive a boost with improved HSDPA

Touch Screen

• Sensitive to the touch, responsive to your needs like second nature
• Designed to enable immediate, intuitive access to your most frequently used functions in nanoseconds
• Enabled to use the stylus pen to pin-point your selections, or type your messages


• Tap into Wi-Fi public access hotspots in airports, hotels, coffee shops, convention centres and an ever-growing number of venues
• Convenient Internet access across wireless networks in your city and others
• Peer-to-peer connectivity lets your handset “talk” to other devices, transfers files and images, and allows networking opportunities

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*Available capacity varies and storage is less due to phone software

Battery time is based on our own laboratory measurements, and may vary depending on factors such as device settings, usage patterns and operating conditions.