How to check and update your version of Samsung Health

Samsung Health is an app that monitors you while exercising, manages your sports habits and lets you control your health with diet information and tips to help you get in the best shape possible. Learn more about how to keep Samsung Health updated to the latest version below.

View of the main screen of the Samsung Health app.

There are two ways to check your version of Samsung Health:

  • Run your Settings, go to Apps option and search Samsung Health. Here you can check you app version at the bottom of the screen. You can also tap on App details in store to check the version.
  • Go to the Samsung Health main screen, tap the more icon, and click “Settings”. Finally select “About Samsung Health”.

Please note: The steps to enter Settings may differ depending on the device or Samsung Health version.

If you want to update your Samsung Health app, search for it in the Galaxy Store or the Google™ Play Store and tap “Update”.

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