How to use Secure Wi-Fi

Secure Wi-Fi protects your data from cyberattacks, providing an environment where Galaxy users can use Wi-Fi networking with confidence. Know how to use all these functions below.

View of the Secure Wi-Fi logo over the main screen of the app.


Secure Wi-Fi provides a certain amount of protection free of charge every month to help protect your activity. (Android™ 12 higher 1024MB / Android™ 11 lower 250MB)

In addition, we provide various and practical functions according to your needs as follows:



1 Activate secure Wi-Fi and tap the “Protect” button.
2 The secure Wi-Fi icon is activated and the network changes to a protected state.

Secure Wi-Fi provides “Auto protect Wi-Fi” when devices connect to public or unreliable Wi-Fi. This feature is particularly useful when you use Wi-Fi in public places such as cafes, hotels and airports.

  • Adaptive protection

Protects Wi-Fi connections when you connect to public or unreliable Wi-Fi networks. It encrypts every DNS request to ensure optimal protection at all times.

  • Public Wi-Fi protection only

Protects Wi-Fi connections when you connect to public or unsecured networks.

  • DNS protection only

Encrypts DNS requests to protect personal information.

You can disable “Auto protect Wi-Fi” when connecting to a specific Wi-Fi network. Secure Wi-Fi effectively manages registered Wi-Fi networks through their names and locations. This feature is particularly useful when you connect to trusted Wi-Fi networks such as home Wi-Fi and certified Wi-Fi provided by telecommunication providers. 

Secure Wi-Fi can show protective activities in charts and lists, based on the names of previously used Wi-Fi networks. This feature is helpful when you want to check records for networks protected through Secure Wi-Fi in the past. 

Secure Wi-Fi can also be applied per app. You can selectively turn on and off secure Wi-Fi activities through specific switches in the protected app. This feature is useful when encryption prevents smooth data communication on a certain app and when it is necessary to adjust the secure Wi-Fi settings for each app. 

In secure Wi-Fi, the security settings are flexibly changed according to the web protocols (HTTP, HTTPS, etc.) set by you. 

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