How to control the washing machine with SmartThings

Now that you have connected the washing machine to SmartThings, you may be wondering how to control it. Please check the below instructions. 

If you have not yet connected your washing machine and SmartThings, click here to see how to connect it.

Note: The screenshot images, such as cycles and options may differ depending on the models that are able to connect to SmartThings. 

Activate 'Smart control' on your washing machine

When you touch the [Smart control] button in the control panel, the indicator will be activated.

Smart control.

If the indicator is inactive, 'Send to washer' is displayed on the button.

Send to washer.

If the indicator is active, 'Start' is displayed on the button.

Start screen.

When you tap the blue box in the centre of the screen, the cycle list appears. Scroll down and select the laundry cycle that you want and tap the [OK] button at the bottom.

Cycle list on the screen.

You can adjust the details of the laundry options. Scroll down the first screen of the washing machine SmartThings and check the details of each option list.

Laundry option screen.
  • Water temperature control


Tap [Temp.] to select the temperature that you want, and then tap the [OK] button at the bottom.

Water temperature control.
  • Number of rinses


Tap [Rinse] to select the number of rinses that you want, and then tap the [OK] button at the bottom.

Select number of rinses.
  • Spin speed


Tap [Spin] to select the rotation speed that you want, and then tap the [OK] button at the bottom.

The spin speed is measured in Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) and refers to the speed at which the drum rotates during a spin cycle. The faster the spin of your machine, the more water that is squeezed out of your laundry, and the quicker it will dry.

Choose spin speed.
  • Create your own laundry cycle


From the list of laundry cycles presented, you can select and save only those cycles that you use often. Tap the [Minus] button to delete it from the list or tap the [Plus] button at the bottom to add it to the list. When your own cycle is being organised, tap the [Save] button at the top.

My cycle list on the screen.
  • Safe mode for leaving laundry


(1) Going out mode: If you are out, this will send you a delay alarm before the scheduled cycle starts.

(2) Remaining laundry alarm: If you don't take out the laundry after the cycle is done, it sends you a remaining laundry alarm. You can start a rinse + spin cycle to prevent odours emanating from your clothing. If the washing machine turns off, the remaining laundry alarm will be inactive.

Remaining laundry alarm.
  • Setting my favourite laundry cycle


You can create a laundry cycle with all the detailed options you like. Tap the [Plus] button to select the details of the cycle, water temperature, rinse, spin, and bubble soak. Set a name and tap the [Save] button at the top. 

Setting my favorite laundry cycle.
  • Start washing: If you want to start the washing machine, tap the [Start] button. While the washing machine is in operation, the remaining washing time and finish time are displayed.
Start washing screen.
  • Stop washing: If you want to stop the washing machine while it is running, tap the [Cancel] or [Pause] button and then tap [Yes].
Stop washing screen.

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