How to install the drying rack in your tumble dryer

Some dryers come with a drying rack which you can use to dry delicate items like shoes or underwear. When properly installed, the drying rack remains still while the drum spins around it.

If your model comes with a drying rack, remove the rack from the drum before you use the dryer for the first time. To remove the rack, pull the rack straight up, then take it out of the drum. Remove the drying rack from its packaging and store the rack for later use.

1 Open the dryer door.
2 Position the drying rack in the drum, inserting the front lip of the drying rack on top of the lint filter case. Place the rear legs in the two recessed areas of the dryer’s back wall then push down the middle of the drying rack to fix in place.
Position the drying rack in the drum of the tumble dryer
3 Place items on the rack, leaving space between them for air to circulate. For clothing items, fold and place flat on the rack to prevent the clothing from becoming wrinkled. For shoes, place shoes with their soles facing down.

Please note:

  • Drying foam rubber, plastic, or rubber on a heat setting may cause damage to the items and lead to a fire hazard.
  • To prevent damage to shoes, use Rack Dry.
Place items on the drying rack inside the tumble dryer
4 Close the door and press the "Power" button.

Using the cycle selector, select TIME DRY.

6 Press "Dry Time" to select the drying time. Set the drying time up to 150 minutes. Select the time according to the moisture and weight of the items. It may be necessary to reset the timer if a longer drying time is needed.
7 Press the "Start/Pause" button.

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