What does the information message mean on the LED panel of my BESPOKE Jet?

Your BESPOKE Jet will display information messages on the LED panel and inform you of the current situation of the device. Find out more about frequently appearing information messages below.

Checklist when using the BESPOKE Jet for the first time

Before using the BESPOKE Jet, you should select a language first. Follow the steps below to adjust the settings on your machine.

  • Use (+) or (-) button to select a language and hold the (+) button for 3 seconds to complete the setting. 
  • Press and hold the (+) button for 3 seconds while using the vacuum to enter the language setting mode later.
bespoke jet led display language setting
  • Press and hold the (+) button for 5 seconds while the vacuum is on the Clean Station to start the Energy Saving mode.
  • To cancel the Energy Saving mode, press and hold the (+) button for 5 seconds.
bespoke jet led display energy saving mode


  • The Energy Saving mode is available only when the BESPOKE Jet is mounted on the Clean Station.
  • The Energy Saving mode is automatically exited when the vacuum is used.
  • Press the Power button and the machine will start cleaning in [MID] mode. 
  • You can change the suction power mode between 4 levels [MIN, MID, MAX, JET] of suction power with the (+) and (-) button. 
bespoke jet led display power button

Note: When the Wet Brush is attached, the vacuum will start cleaning in the Wet Brush mode automatically.

Information messages on the LED display

Error messages are generated on the LED display of the BESPOKE Jet handle, with an icon and voice notifications following.

Bespoke Jet LED-Display

Major information messages

Major information messages



[MIN] / [MID] / [MAX] / [JET]

Currently selected suction power mode 


Wet Brush mode

  • When the Wet Brush is attached, the Wet Brush mode is displayed
  • Press the (+) button to spray water. While holding the (+) button, water is sprayed for a maximum of 2 seconds. 

Low Battery

Displays when the battery is low

Object stuck in Brush / Tool

Error displays when something is caught in the brush or tool

Filter not inserted

Error displays when the 'Micro Filter' is missing


Error displays when the vacuum cleaner is clogged

Check Brush, Tool, or Filter

Alerts the user to check the brush, tool, or filter to solve the clogging error

Clean Micro Filter

Alerts and recommends the user to regularly check and wash the Micro Filter

Energy Saving on

Displays when the Energy Saving Mode is on

Energy Saving off

Displays when the Energy Saving Mode is off


  • If you see an information message that is not listed on this page, please find a manual for the specific model number.
  • Information messages may vary depending on the model.
  • If you are unable to clear the information message from your BESPOKE Jet, please contact your nearest Samsung service centre for further support.

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