Will any Note10 features be coming to the S10 range?

Will any Note10 features be coming to the S10 range?

The launch of the Galaxy Note10 range also brought around the launch of new, powerful tools designed to help users unleash their creativity and be more productive. To begin with these features were only available on Note10 devices. However, a range of great updates have already made their way over to the entire S10 range.

Some of the best new features on the Note10 are upgrades to the camera app. S10 devices can now enjoy the same great updates to Night Mode, Super steady video stabilisation, AR Doodle and Live focus video. With the in-built video editor you can also edit your videos straight from the Gallery app. 

Aside from changes to the camera, S10 users can now connect wirelessly with Samsung DeX and Samsung Pass has been easier to use, allowing you to log in quickly and securely with your biometric data.

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S10 users can now use Night Mode on the front-facing camera as well as the rear camera, making it super easy to snap vivid shots even when the sun goes down.

Night mode

Ever shoot an incredible video only to play it back and realise that all of the action is shakey and blurred? Worry no longer as Super steady acts as a camera stabiliser without needing an action camera or a tripod.

Galaxy S10: How to shoot Super steady videos Galaxy S10: How to shoot Super steady videos

Taking videos just got a ittle more fun with AR Doodle. You can now record fun videos, customised with virtual handwriting and drawings that follow your subject around the screen.

AR Doodle

The addition of the Bokeh effect to smartphones revolutionised taking photos, allowing you to blur the background while keeping your subject in focus. Now, the feature has landed in your videos too. Live focus video allows you to customise the bokeh effect in real time, making your videos even more impressive.

Galaxy Note10: How to add bokeh with Live focus video Galaxy Note10: How to add bokeh with Live focus video

Whenever you take a memorable clip one of the first things you'll want to do is share it. The Gallery app on S10 devices now features a built in video editor, giving you the tools to trim clips, edit them together, adjust the playback speed and much more. 

Galaxy Note10: How to use the Video Editor Galaxy Note10: How to use the Video Editor

You can now connect your smartphone to your monitor to bring your apps to life and help you multitask like a boss. Samsung DeX makes it easy to connect to your PC or Mac with a USB cable or connect wirelessly to Windows 10 PC's. 

Samsung DeX

Samsung Pass makes it easier to log into apps and websites by using your biometric data such as your fingerprint rather than a password. On S10 devices, Samsung Pass has now become even better, making it quicker and simpler to log in securely.

Samsung Pass

You can get these Note10 features on the entire S10 range. This includes:

  • S10e
  • S10
  • S10+
  • S10 5G

You can get these features on compatible devices by updating the software on your device. Find out more about updating your smartphone.

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