Do I need a TV licence to stream on Samsung products?

In the UK, if you want to watch any live TV you need a TV licence. Whether you are watching on a TV, on your phone, or on a laptop, however you are accessing live TV a TV licence is required. Read on to find out whether you need a TV licence and how it applies to Samsung products.

What is the TV licence?

The TV licence is a form of tax on TV consumption. The licence costs £159 and covers a whole household. It doesn’t need to be paid on an individual basis. Once paid, the licence legally covers a household to watch any live TV or BBC iPlayer content. If anyone living in the UK wishes to watch live TV or BBC iPlayer on any device, they require a licence.

How does the licence apply to Samsung Devices?

Whether you are streaming live TV on your Samsung TV, mobile, tablet or any smart device, you will require a TV licence. The requirement for a license applies to live TV from any source including Pre-Installed applications.

If you have a pre-installed TV app on your Samsung device that you do not and will not use and you do not watch live TV or on demand services, then the licence isn’t required. 

What can you watch without a licence?

Any content that is not shown on live TV doesn’t require a TV licence. This includes Netflix, Disney+ and any non-live Amazon Prime content (live sports events on Amazon do require a licence). 

For more information on the UK TV licence and how to pay visit the IE Gov TV licence page or check the TV licencing website


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