My TV is showing an error message.

Find out more about the types of messages that can appear on your Samsung TV and how to fix them. If you are still having difficulty with your TV or an error message, get in touch and we can investigate further.



This message can sometimes display on your TV when the Smart Hub service is undergoing routine maintenance.


This does not mean that there is an issue with your TV and this message should disappear once Samsung's maintenance work is complete.

Insufficient Storage Space

This message is displayed when there's not enough available internal memory.


To install your selected app, you either need to free up some storage space on your TV, or you'll need to use a USB memory stick or external hard drive. The USB memory stick or external hard drive will need to have a 1GB capacity or more.

You can manage your external devices by: Settings > General > External Device Manager 

Signal input message or not tuned indicator (or similar message)

This message is displayed when your TV is unable to locate a signal.


Check to see if there are any reported faults with transmitters in your area, and that, if applicable, the aerial is connected to your TV and undamaged.


Run Auto tune by going into Settings and selecting:  Broadcasting > Auto Tuning Settings or Auto Tuning > Auto Tuning > Start > then choose your aerial and channel type, select Scan

Flash upgrade required

This message is displayed when trying to view channels using the web browser. It is not possible to install Adobe Flash Player on to your TV. This message is intended for PC users.

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