Experience a new level of power.

Simulated X-ray image of hardware inside Galaxy Note9, viewed from the bottom

Battery life

The phone that lasts all day

Leave your battery packs and cords at home — the 4000mAh battery gets you through your day on a single charge. Keep going in this always-on, mobile world with Galaxy Note9's all day battery.1

Wireless charging

Power up without being tied down

When your battery's drained, quick and convenient wireless charging gets your Galaxy Note9 back to 100% without needing to plug it in. Advanced wireless charging technology makes this Galaxy essential powerful yet simple to use. Just set your phone down to start charging.2

Two Galaxy Note9s on Wireless Charging Duo, with one on the stand side, the other on the pad side

Wi-Fi and LTE

Remarkably fast downloads and uploads

Get speed when you need it most. Transfer data on the run, stream videos wherever you are, and download and upload files without interruption. With integrated gigabit LTE and Wi-Fi capabilities and a 4x4 MIMO antenna, the Galaxy Note9 allows you to tap into extraordinary network speeds up to 1.2Gbps.3

Galaxy Note9 in landscape mode at a slight angle with a simulated image of a livestream onscreen

*Image simulated for illustration purposes.

10nm AP and 8GB RAM

The cutting-edge processor engineered for speed

Discover what you can achieve on the Galaxy Note9. Whether gaming, streaming, or multitasking, the 10nm processor and an impressive 8GB RAM combine to deliver high performance that makes you take notice. And with access to lightning fast network speeds, things get done in a flash.4

Faster CPU
Faster GPU
Galaxy Note9 in landscape mode seen from the back, animated to open up and show layers of hardware inside and S Pen appearing in front

*Compared to Galaxy Note8.

*8GB RAM models come with 512GB internal storage only. And 6GB RAM models come with 128GB internal storage.

512GB storage

One terabyte ready. Store more, delete less.

External up to

It's a revolution in smartphone storage. The 512GB internal capacity on the Galaxy Note9 sets a new standard, letting you keep your files and photos right where you need them: on your phone.5 Expand the storage further via microSD card for up to 512GB more. That's nearly a terabyte of space. And it's not only more storage than other smartphones — it beats out some laptops, too.

*Image simulated for illustration purposes.

Samsung 512GB microSD card

*Up to 512GB additional storage with external microSD card, sold separately. Availability and launch date may vary by country.

Galaxy Note9 seen from the right, animated with images fanning out from the back

Hybrid SIM

Two numbers on one phone

The Galaxy Note9 offers dual SIM support, so you're able to have two different numbers and LTE data plans on the same device. Set up both your work and personal accounts, or add a second SIM when you're traveling to stay connected at home and abroad. And when you don't need the extra SIM, you can insert a microSD card for even more storage space.

*SIM card sold separately. Availability of dual SIM may vary by country or carrier.

*MicroSD card sold separately.

Extreme closeup of Galaxy Note9 with SIM tray ejecting and two SIM cards shown inside

Stereo speakers tuned by AKG

Experience game-changing audio

Stereo speakers tuned by AKG give you even more vivid sound and louder volume. And Dolby Atmos creates immersive three-dimensional sound, with four preset modes that put you in the middle of a theater-like experience, whether you're watching a movie or listening to music on your smartphone.

Galaxy Note9 laying flat seen from the left with animated, pulsing rings to represent the stereo speakers

Optimized for gaming

When the game's moving fast, your phone keeps up

Level up your gaming on the Galaxy Note9, packed with cutting-edge performance features. The powerful, long-lasting battery keeps the game going and an innovative water-carbon cooling system sustains the phone's high performance, so little stands between you and victory. Plus, the Smart Performance Adjuster automatically adjusts gaming performance settings for optimal gameplay. It's our best mobile gaming experience yet.6

Galaxy Note9 in landscape mode at a slight angle with Fortnite onscreen

*Video simulated for illustration purposes.

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Dominate Fortnite with exclusive Galaxy gear

The high-performing Galaxy Note9 is made for epic gaming. And when you download Fortnite, only Galaxy gives you a top tier experience with the kitted-out, limited-edition Galaxy skin that stands out from the squad.7

Exclusive Fortnite Galaxy skin

*Galaxy skin available to new Galaxy Note9 purchasers until December 31, 2018. Once downloaded, you can play with Galaxy skin for as long as you want.

*Availability of Fortnite game may vary by country or region.

Steam Link for Galaxy

Stream PC games to Galaxy

The Galaxy Note9 is so powerful it can even take on games made for the PC. Connect your phone to your Steam account via Steam Link for Galaxy and get your game on without being tied to your desk.8, 9

Image of a woman sitting on her couch playing a game via Steam Link on the Galaxy Note9 with the Glap gaming controller attached

*Steam Link for Galaxy is only available for Galaxy Apps in a limited number of countries.

Water and dust resistant

Submerged for 30min. and still works

For most phones, water is Kryptonite. But after being in 1.5 meters of water, the Galaxy Note9 and S Pen can keep going. They're sealed from the inside out for the highest rating you can get when it comes to protecting your phone from dust and water: IP68.10

A simulated image of Galaxy Note9 and S Pen underwater with the AOD on, and another phone in the back with a blank screen


Samsung Knox

Protection from the hardware up

The moment you turn on your phone, your data is protected by Samsung Knox. Unlike software-only mobile security, Knox is fused into both hardware and software at the manufacturing stage — with multiple layers of overlapping defense and security mechanisms that protect your Galaxy Note9 against intrusion, malware, and malicious threats.

Samsung Knox icon
Knox Container
SE for Android
Secure Boot & Trusted Boot
Hardware Root of Trust
Galaxy Note9 laying flat seen from the left, with a simulated animation of the screen floating upwards and the five layers of KNOX being revealed

Biometric authentication

Unlock instantly anytime, anywhere

In bright sunlight or super low light, you can unlock your Galaxy Note9 using Intelligent Scan, the innovative combination of face recognition and iris scanning. It uses the power of both to recognize you in different environments.11 You can also use your fingerprint, a password, a PIN, or more to keep others out of your business.

  • Iris scan
  • Pattern
  • Face recognition
  • Fingerprint scan
  • Password
  • PIN
Galaxy Note9 and S Pen seen from the right with the Intelligent Scan interface onscreen