Air Refresh Technology in Samsung Washing Machines

Last Update date : Oct 13. 2020



With the help of Air Refresh technology, Sterilization/Deodorization/Removal of Ticks is done in Samsung Washing Machines without Water Washing . In short , Air-Refresh Technology does washing with help of Air and Heat.


Major functions:


a). Destroying bacteria and ticks without the use of water.


b). Removing the sweat and dirt odors.


c). Maintaining the shape and color of the washing without dry-cleaning.


d). Washing with air.

● Removing odors by heating, keeping the washing as new.

● Washing with air conveniently, compared with dry-cleaning.

● The goal of deodorization is 60 percent. (40-minute cycle).


e). Washing one or two shirts in 30 minutes

● If a piece of clothes is not completely dry when it is humid, the machine can dry it within 30 minutes.


f). Preventing bio-film caused by humidity from occurring

● You do not need to worry about the humidity inside the drum.

● The drum is dried regularly, preventing bio-film.

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