Front Load Washing Machine: Shipping Bolts

Last Update date : Dec 19. 2023

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Your Samsung Front Load Washing Machine comes with shipping bolts inserted into the back of the machine to keep the tub secure during transportation.

Insert or remove shipping bolts as according to below mentioned scenarios:


1 Scenario 1: Experiencing Noise and Vibration during start of cycle

Suspension system of machine supports the wash tub while it tumbles and spins . Operating machine with locked tub (by shipping bolts) may damage internal parts.


Remove the shipping bolts before operating it to enjoy hassle-free Front Loader performance (Check below image).

2 Scenario 2: Ready to shift your location and preparing Washing Machine for transport

Avoiding shipping bolts while transporting machine may damage suspension. Moreover, the tub will vibrate when in use, which may damage tub and other major internal parts.

Always ensure to insert the shipping bolts back into place before moving the Front Load Washing Machine (Check below image).


Note: Use supplied wrench with Washing Machine to remove or tighten the Shipping Bolts.



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