How to remove Ice Cubes from Twist Ice maker in Samsung Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator?

Last Update date : Oct 14. 2020

Samsung refrigerator has innovatively designed Removing of Ice Cubes from the Twist Ice maker. To do so just make sure that the ice cube storage bin is in place under the ice cube tray. If not, slide it into place. Twist one of the levers firmly in the clockwise direction until the tray twists slightly.



As a result, the ice cubes will fall into the storage bin. Similarly, twist the other lever firmly in the clockwise direction for the other half of the tray.


You can remove the Ice storage bin as follows :


● Lifting it up slightly.  
● Pulling it towards you.  


NOTE : Glass bottles containing liquids that can freeze should never be stored in the freezer as the glass will explode when the contents freeze. 


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