Refrigerator: Tips to store food Fresh

Last Update date : Oct 29. 2020

Tips :
a). At first make sure it is appropriately wrapped. The user manual has instructions on how to wrap foods to stay as fresh as possible in your refrigerator.
b). Then make sure the vegetable tray is tightly closed or its humidity control slides are closed - if they are not, the same will allow moisture to escape from the foods.
c). Finally, ensure that the temperature control (thermostat) is not set too cold/max.

1 To maintain crispy conditions of biscuits

You can put them in an air tight container. But, you can easily maintain its crispy conditions by putting them in a regular container with a cube of sugar.
Sugar absorbs moistures making biscuits to maintain their crispy conditions for an extended period of time.

2 To prevent food smells from permeating the inner liners

To prevent food smells from permeating the inner liners, make sure to wrap food in plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator.

3 To maintain the taste of mayonnaise

It is best to keep the mayonnaise at room temperature (Except sweltering season). Mayonnaise is quite sensitive to not only hot temperatures but also cold
temperatures. So, it easily deteriorates in hot temperatures but also its main ingredients such as vinegar, oil and egg yolk will be separated from each other
and it will lose its flavors when it is too cold. So, it is best to keep it in a cool place out of reach of direct sunlight or heat.

4 To frost the surface of beer cup

After pouring warm water into the cup, empty the cup when it gets warmed up. And, turn it upside down and put it in the freezer compartment for about 30
, when you take it out later, you will find frosts sitting on the surface of the cup.

5 To keep tropical fruits

It is not a good idea keeping tropical fruits in the refrigerator tropical fruits do not reguire low temperature. For example, bananas and pineapples will
turn black avocados and papayas will rot before they become ripe. Store them at room temperature and put them in the refrigerator when they ripe enough to eat.

6 To enrich milk

Put it in the freezer compartment and freeze it. The appropriate quantity of freezing is 0.13 ~ 0.26 gallon. When it is frozen hard, take it out and thaw it
to half-frozen state. Because the half-frozen milk still contains ice with it, its percentage of water in milk is relatively low. So, its concentration level
is high and you can enjoy more enriched milk.

7 To make transparent and clean ice

When you want to make transparent and clean ice with the ice maker, boil water first and then freeze it after cooling it down. If you boil away impurities in water, you can make transparent and clean ice.

8 To store spices in the freezer or fridge compartment

When storing spices, you need to prevent their flavors from escaping. Store it in a dry place out of reach of direct sunlight. The freezer or fridge compartment is the best suitable place to store spices.

9 To store potatoes freshly

Because potato buds contain toxins, you need to get rid of the buds. To store potatoes that went sprout up, wrap them with the paper, put it in a plastic bag
and store it in the fruit drawer. You can enjoy fresh potatoes for an extended period of time.

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