Smart saver mode in Air-Conditioner

Last Update date : Oct 12. 2020

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Smart saver is the function in the air-conditioner which set the temperature range limit to help you save energy while the air conditioner is operating in Cool mode.

● It makes the roomcool at a temperature of about 24 to 30 C.  

● If  the air-conditioner runs on smart saver mode then it saves the power consumption.

● In this mode, the compressor maintain the default fixed temperature that time the compressor and fan both shuts off automatically.   


Activate Smart Saver mode: Press the Smart Saver button on the remote control to activate it while the air conditioner is operating in Cool mode.


Deactivate Smart Saver mode: Press the Smart Saver button once again to deactivate it. 



  • Smart Saving function is only available in Cool mode.


  •  When Smart Saving function is activated, temperature range will be limited to 26°C~30°C.


  • If the desired temperature is lower than 26°C, turn off the Smart saving function by pressing the Smart Saver button again.


  • Temperature/Fan speed can also be adjusted.


  • Air flow can be adjusted manually.


  • When the Smart Saver function is activated, pressing Mode button will automatically cancel the function.

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