What is Bio Sleep(Good Sleep) mode in Samsung Air conditioners?

Last Update date : Aug 24. 2022

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Samsung's Biosleep ( Good sleep ) mode ensures that the most comfortable environmental temperature is maintained for a good night's sleep.

Best temperature for deep sleep :

What is Bio Sleep(Good Sleep) mode in Samsung Air conditioners?

 Falling Asleep stage : Eases you into sleep by dropping the temperature.
● Sound Sleep stage : Relaxes your body and raises your temperature slightly.
● Wake up stage : Allows you to wake up with comfortable intermittent air and makes you feel refreshed.


Please follow the below steps to activate and deactivate the Good'/Bio-sleep mode:

When the air-conditioner is on and in cool mode:

What is Bio Sleep(Good Sleep) mode in Samsung Air conditioners?
1 Press the good' sleep/bio sleep button on the remote control.

  • Good'/Bio sleep indicator appears and off timer indicator starts blinking on the remote control display.
2 Press the good' sleep/bio sleep button to set the time.

  • Unit can be set by interval of 30 min up to 3 hours and by interval of 1 hour from 3 hours to 12 hours.


  • Default operation hour is set to 8 hours.
3 Press the Set/Cancel button to activate and deactivate it.

  • Off timer indicator stops blinking and reserved time will be displayed for 3 seconds. Then the air conditioner operates in good'/bio sleep mode.


  • If you don't press Set/Cancel button within 10 seconds after pressing the good'/bio sleep button, the air conditioner will return to previous status.



  • If timer in good'/bio sleep mode over 5 hours. You fell disturbed sleep if the good' sleep is set too short or long because the default is set to 8 hour operation.


  • If the good'/bio sleep mode is set less than 4 hours, the operation will stop at the same time. If the good' sleep mode is set over 5 hours, it will run as Wake up stage from the last one hour before it stops.


  • Recommended set temperature is between 25 C ~ 27 C for cooling and 21 C ~ 23 C for heating.

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