What is a 'Sari course' in a Washing Machine?

Last Update date : Oct 13. 2020



Samsung's special sari course, enables you to conveniently wash your delicate sari's without any tangle.


Steps to use the  Sari course:



Following are the steps to showcase how can we  use sari course:


● Press the Power button to On.


● Press the Course select button two times.


● Press the Start/Hold button.


● Water level is selected automatically . Washing , Rinsing and Spinning follow.If you want to pause , press the Start/Hold button again.You can change the course when paused.


● Close the lid of the Washing Machine.


● The Washing Machine panel once you have selected sari course  is shown below:




Here you can see that Sari course consists of all the functions  such as Wash, Rinse and Spin.  

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